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Strelkov about Minsk memorandum

Strelkov on the famous "mysterious" forum commented on the Minsk memorandum 2.0

Actually that about "the necessity of which the Bolsheviks have always spoken" has been accomplished [note from the translator: this Lenin quote became a famous Russian idiom] – the Ukies overcame their panic, regrouped, prepared for new battles, and now they clearly demonstrate that they would agree only to one possible development of these events: a complete capitulation of Russia in Novorussia. "Brilliant successes of peacemakers" of Surkov-Lavrov-Zurabov group once again lead the president to the very same choice that he faced a month ago: either a decisive war (now with even higher losses and costs) or a shameful capitulation (up next – Crimea and "Milošević scenario"). The military action was stopped precisely for achieving this goal. Only one question remains to be asked: for how much longer can Surkov obviously deceive Putin by presenting his "virtual successes" as real accomplishments? And for how long will the President be sure that Surkov and Co. remain under his control? In his day the deposed Napoleon said on St. Helena island (close to the source): "if I would hang Talleyrand and Fouché in proper time, then I would still rule over France!" And this was said by a great statesman who was also sure that he would outmaneuver the plotters in his circle..."

Who says that "everything is bad"? Everything will be bad only in if the President will make a suicidal step of accepting the terms of Party of Treason that are put under as "the only possible decision". And the latest steps and the rhetoric of various riffraff (starting from Zhirinovsky-the-buffoon) suggest that nobody is going to "dump" Novorossia. The only problem is that they are trying to conduct new politics using "old hands" – that is, through people who constitutionally can't stand it. Correspondingly, the results are good for nothing and instead of brilliant successes there are losses and ridiculous affectations around the various "open secrets" (this is when the whole world knows and one's own population doesn't know).

Original article: (in Russian)

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