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Novorossia lacks a Bolshevik party

A historian Igor Pyhalov, who went to fight in the Lugansk People's Republic in summer within an LPR battalion "Zarya" (was on the front lines, fought under the red flag), tells about what he saw and shares his opinion of what is good and what is bad in the current situation. He also complains about the lack of systematic work from the side of communists.

[note from translator: the video lacks English voiceover or subtitles. If you happen to have a link to an English version with voiceover or at least subtitles, then please send it to me in comments or by a private message. In this case, even the Russian transcript is missing, so there is not even a way to use the "drunken lunatic option" – the automated translation of Russian transcript.].

I shake Igor's courageous hand, a true man and a citizen.

Igor Pyhalov has his Internet home right here: (in Russian), in the nearest time he will publish his impressions of war in Novorossia.

Original article: (in Russian)

Tags: bolsheviks, communism, left, lenin, lpr, lugansk, lugansk people's republic, pyhalov, war in ukraine

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