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If you want to help Novorossia, then please refer to the English version of the "Voice of Sevastopol" website, which can be visited using the clickable image to the right below the tag bar. Then, go to the "Humanitarian Section" in the menu.

This blog is a faithful English translation of colonelcassad – the awesome Russian blog about the war in Ukraine. This translation is an independent effort and is not affiliated with any of the resources of colonelcassad.

The translations are posted actively here when the military or political situation in Ukraine is undergoing rapid change -- i.e., there is an ongoing military or political crisis. During the periods of relative calm this blog is in a "hibernation mode" of sorts. The maintainer of the blog has limited resources and so the daily updates are performed only during the periods of crisis. Essentially, the translations are posted at the intensity of the conflict. If you would like to see more translations and more frequent updates, consider contributing your own translations to cassad-eng (please send the translations to me by email at unclemartin-AT-mail-DOT-ru to if you want your them to appear on cassad-eng very quickly). Otherwise, you may refer to the English mirror of the Voice of Sevastopol, machine translations of colonelcassad, or to the links on the right sidebar.

The war in Ukraine is the result of an armed insurgency against the fascist regime in Kiev and the regime's subsequent attempts to suppress it.
If you don't understand why the current regime in Ukraine is fascist, then please read this article first:

Why "junta"? This word is used here to refer to the fascist regime in Kiev for historical reasons and because of our respect for the people of Donbass, who tend to use the Russian word "хунта", which sounds exactly the same, to refer to the regime. While not a perfect match for the meaning of "junta" in English, the Kiev regime is sufficiently close to classical military juntas in its behavior to make using this word to refer to them appropriate from our point of view. If you don't like the word, then you can simply replace all instances of "junta" with the word "regime".
See also for the rationale of using this word in the Russian original.

The content of translations published on this site can be reposted. It would be great if you could add a link back to the source article from where you took the text if you repost it.

Proof-reading and pointing out mistakes is welcome. Currently, I expect several grammar mistakes per translated article in cassad_eng's own translations. There may be occasional awkward word choices and there may be numerous punctuation issues.

Translations can be contributed and these contributions can be sent by a private message to cassad_eng.
The translator can be recognized in the text of the article, if desired. There may be extensive editing of the translated text.
I must note that I may not be able to post every contributed translation in every single case. If there is a race condition, then the best translation wins. cassad_eng will decide which translation is the best and will try to reconcile the best snippets in the case of race conditions.

It is desired to keep this blog close in the content and in the spirt to the Russian original. I also strive to maintain a certain level of quality in the translated text. Please try to find proper English equivalents for the Russian idioms in the original text if possible. Word by word translations won't cut it. Also, please translate the Russian text in the images when it is essential for the article.

Translations are very much wanted for any blog post on colonelcassad that has to do with the war in Ukraine, which is not already translated and posted on this blog. If you think that the already posted translation is particularly crappy, then you can send your own alternative, but don't be upset if your version is silently ignored :).

really appreciate your english translations..


"really hard to reply" they all time out when trying to log in.

Thanks. This turned out to be hard daily work.
The login issues are out of my control, the web server is administered by LJ staff. There may be sabotage on their part, but I don't think that this blog has sufficient exposure for that to happen yet.

Хорошее дело делаете. Вы не пробовали послать ссылку на этот блог Полу Крейгу Робертсу или еще кому-нибудь из западных левых?

Нет. Это проект силами одного человека в свободное время, не хотелось бы создавать ложных надежд и брать на себя ответственность за регулярные обновления. Поэтому сильно сайт не раскручиваю. Обычный блог с переводами статей и больше ни на что не претендует.

? Why does russia not like him ? He is the only man keeping NATO off there border and the only reason Kiev is not digging trenches by crimea. And i do not understand putin . All the militia needed was more grad rockets and they could have taken the airport and the boiler sooner, if russia is already being sanctioned why not give the rebels major support. The militia cant win this war upright all they can hope for is to make it to winter and the dead bodies plus the collasping economy will force maidain 3.0 BUT THEY MIGHT NOT MAKE IT TO WINTER. And for the "United ukraine fools" where do they think they will get troops and fire power to make it to kiev. I think it will be very embarrasing for russia to loose a proxy war with the america on is own border, when the americans pushed into korea china drew the line and pushed them back. but here is putin on vacation while the militia are under siege

There are many forces and powerful people in Russia. Some of them want Russia and Novorossia to be defeated ASAP. These forces want Strelkov gone.
The "United ukraine fools" aren't fools. They are defeatists who cover their defeatism with impossible goals. And they also want Strelkov gone.

There won't be Maidan 3.0 not now, not in Winter, not until the current regime is gone.
Even if the people in Kiev will revolt, the regime in Kiev will use force, including tanks and artillery if required. And the "international community" will be applauding this move.

(Deleted comment)

"workers of the military surplus store"

(Don't post this if it hurts your war effort or anything.)

This concerns the recent blog entry with the above title.

Did you guys really write this? Is it a fake? It seems to say, to the effect, "of course Russia supplies us with military armaments, but hey, we won't reveal this until its safe to do so." Well, I think you just did reveal it. Surprising, considering that Russia faces continuing and escalating sanctions from the West for they're supposed involvement in this matter. I had always assumed that there was a real and truthful sense in which Russia was not really "supporting" you, at least in the sense of Kiev's and the West's allegations. And also, I don't think it will go over too well in the international community that Russia or you guys actually want to retake Kiev, which this article also seems to indicate.

For the record, I just came here because someone in discussion boards recommended it, and I was looking for more detailed news on the war in E. Ukraine, than could be found on or MSM sites. And I did find this in your recent entry on the DNR militia counteroffensive in the south But I'm with you guys. God Bless.

Re: "workers of the military surplus store"

Yes. That article is genuine and col. cassad (Boris Rozhin) never made a secret of the existence of the military surplus store. There are no miracles. And the army of Novorossia is definitely not a miracle.

One reason why colonelcassad blog is so popular is because of its attitude towards its users. There's no deliberate deception there, no matter what is the official position.

This war is a dirty and bloody business and definitely not some fairy tale where superhuman rebels take on and defeat a massive army without any outside help. What's happening in reality is much more bloody, much less miraculous, and much more cynical.

Thanks so much for all the effort going into translating. If you plan on doing anything extra, an english version of the situation map on your Russian site would be great. Even if you don't translate, a link to your Russian map from the english site would be very appreciated I'm sure.

The awesome daily mapmaker kot-ivanov is doing his maps in Russian.
However, there is an English map at

By laying it next to the Russian map you can probably figure things out.
Sorry, I don't think I have the resources to pull off English maps every time. Whenever Slavyangrad posts a new SITREP I'll try to pull a map from there, but they tend to have at least 3-4 day lag.

Thank you very much for the reply. Yes, kot-ivanov and Mr. Bazov do a fantastic job of keeping us english speakers informed. The map on your Russian site i was referring to is this one . The place names are already in english, but the legend, the left panel, is in Russian. Thank you again for all that you do

I'm not affiliated with the resources of col. cassad. This is a fully independent effort.

So, please direct all questions regarding his resources to him. I believe that he can be reached at

I believe that the War Marker is primarily intended for Cyrillic-literate users. But I may be mistaken. I don't know much about it anyway.

(Deleted comment)

Thanks for the translations

Thanks also for the informative answers to questions.

Your work is a great aid for non-Russian speakers to gain some understanding of what is going on in East Ukraine.

Great thing you re doing here. I just bumped into the blog, im gonna read it from time to time.
May this fucking war be over soon. God bless.

hello friends!,sorry for my bad english,i want to ask you if its trouth that the bulgarians minority in odesa attack the nazi when they going to take them for ??? this is importand for all of us,your friends and camarands here in bolkans , we are all with you , greeks,bulgars,serbs. pls,answer if you know something ! thx

(Deleted comment)

But if Vicki gets angry, then we're right!

Andrei Klimov, deputy chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Foreign Affairs Russia:
There is such a political stuff with the essence of evil, immensely helpful and smiling waitress - Victoria Nuland (not to be confused with Catherine Ashton), who called Putin's talks with Merkel "Moscow nonsense."
But if Vicki gets angry, then we're right! Question: "There can be no cookies?"
It is easy to talk about such conflicts when you are away from the conflict zone "
- I would say there is a possibility that the attempt Merkel and Hollande and the initiative still comes from them, and, for example, not from the State Department. But to be honest, I doubt that they have done all this without looking at the White House ...
Yes, there is a high probability that this is their project and what they really proactive move by the whole affair.
But I wonder if they are together working on this project, completely forgotten that there is Washington and the United States.
I think that at least two of them blurts it certainly somehow made aware of Kerry and others that are going to do such a thing.
They could not do some quite conspiratorial manner. Simply, they are in NATO, and they are there other orders.
Yes, the decision of the ceasefire they can accept and without the United States, but to fulfill it without the United States will be very difficult!
After all, the United States - one of the leading puppeteers in Kiev, and half of all those known to us, the guys from the "party of war" - that is their agents of influence. So it is very difficult to implement these things without having to America anyway this does not take part in ...
By the way, I think that when Lavrov met with Kerry, this topic is also discussed. It is quite obvious that not talking with the United States, it is difficult to achieve absolute transparency there or relative stability.
You know, I have my own theory that the Malaysian plane crashed, well, not quite by accident. Or, more precisely, about the possibility of such an event played a role one of the special services, and not from Western European countries ...
Yes, I have this version, which I for one believe. This could be done either freezed idiots themselves Kiev these warlords, and the Americans took advantage of this story, or they can do it at the instigation of the United States.
We remember that this event took place just at the moment when Western Europe solved the problem - to impose sanctions or not. And after all on board for some reason there was no American. Therefore, the Western Europeans and snapped after these events.
Well, in general, it was quite motivated, I understand the grief of the people who have lost their loved ones in the conflict. But most of those killed were from Western Europe ...
After that, Western Europe and the beginning of a horrible way to come on Russia, mad with all these events. Now, when they cooled down a little, look, it seems, began to realize who it was profitable, but directly on the still afraid to say.

Ukraine troops rebellion started

"Our worst enemy are the a**holes in Kiev who sent us here to die"--UAF soldiers disciplined for criticizing Poroshenko
Grachev filmed and posted a video in which he and other soldiers asked Poroshenko a number of inconvenient questions.

“President of Ukraine, Poroshenko, Commander in Chief! You are being addressed by UAF soldiers. We are not National Guard or a Volunteer battalion, we are the UAF,” is how the video starts.

“Please tell us, Mr. President, and let me remind you who I am, perhaps you even remember me? I was 16 years old, and I won a judo competition, you gave me a kimono in which I won many competitions. I still have that kimono. Do you see where we are right now, rather than where we ought to be in order to defend the sporting glory of our country, or to raise our children and be home with our friends and loved ones?”

“The country is a mess. You can’t establish order, but wasn’t that your slogan when you were elected? Do you remember your words on the Maidan: ‘1000 hryvnya per day for soldiers who are in combat. You promised on May 25th that starting with May 26th everything in the country will be fine! Except that everything is getting worse and worse in our country.”

“What ATO? Listen to what’s happening here! It’s war. If you can’t see that, get off your ass, and come here with your wife and children to see what is happening. How guys are dying for you, so that you could live in chocolate. We have a sense that soon the only way we’ll be able to feed our families is by using our weapons. Because we’ll go home and have to fight for food. Because our damned salary is $150. Mr. President, this is f*cked,” say the soldiers.

Moreover, they say that highly praised new Ukrainian equipment does not reach the front line. “You are strengthening your National Guard, giving it new rifles, armored jeeps, Bulat tanks are 50km from the front line. You think you can hide behind them? How come we haven’t seen even a single Kuguar to evacuate the wounded? Where’s food?”

The soldiers also said what kind of weapons they have to use: rifles from 1980s, machine guns from 1954 which frequently malfunction.

At the end of the video, the soldiers ask their fellow servicemembers to march on Kiev. “Think about it, guys. We’ll probably soon have to march on Kiev and stop sitting here. Because our worst enemy are the a$$holes in Kiev who sent us here to die.”

last entry March 26th, 2015

what's the reason for not updating the english version since more than a week? unfortunately I don't spek russian and the google-translator produces really confusing texts. jope you can go on translating the russian texts to english (or german ...) soon.

good luck an kind regards

Re: last entry March 26th, 2015

The reason is that I have finite resources and that my personal motivation for posting daily translations is equal to the intensity of the war :)

During the periods of relative calm on the front lines the translation blog goes into hibernation of sorts because I have other things to do and because I don't think that updates make much of a difference.

Unfortunately, this is the way things are and will remain until this mirror remains a 99% single-person effort and there is no significant contribution of translations.

English blog

Is anybody else experiencing problems on English blog.My page always loads with a old April 8
Story.I do use a tablet.

(Deleted comment)

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