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Logvinovo, Mariupol, Kramatorsk
NKVD Officer

1. The junta failed to beat a corridor to the encircled forces in the area of Debalcevo. Even though the General Staff of Ukraine continues to clown around and state that the road is free, the local junta sources (including the Gauleiter of the occupied LPR territories Moskal) point to the fact that the road from Svetlodarsk to Logvinovo has been cut and it is impossible to get into Debalcevo. Also according to the junta there are issues with Troitskoye, supplying which is currently difficult. Meanwhile, according to the incoming announcements, our forces don't stop and currently apply pressure on Svetlodarsk, which forces the junta to engage in mitigating the NAF offensive actions in the area of Mironovskoye instead of unblocking the encirclement.

A video with POWs from the encirclement.

A temper tantrum by Kostya Grishin is attached.
"I'm sick of storytellers since the times of UglegorskISOURS. Among them there are people who are sincerely misguided, whom somebody told a cock and bull story. But the people who professionally hoodwink their superiors are much more dangerous.
So this. The road Artyomovsk – Debaltsevo has been blocked by the terrorists in Logvinovo.
The parallel road Debaltsevo – Luganskoye has been blocked by the terrorists in Nizhneye Lozovoye.
The roads are mined. There were no "unblockings" of the road. A part of the Donbass battalion is on the front line in this area.
I am confident in my words. Storytellers with epaulettes, sofa commentators – go fuck yourselves. Glory to Ukraine!
I'll announce it when the road has been unblocked".

2. The junta's counter-offensive under Mariupol ended up being more of a loud PR-move rather than a serious strike; the junta went through the neutral strip and after capturing a number of empty settlements it announced a major victory, although there were actually no serious attacks on the main line of the defense. The reason for this offensive was also announced: in anticipation of the decisions of the Minsk summit the junta tries to capture a bit more territory in the remaining time so that on this location the forces would retreat from the current front line (if such a retreat were to actually happen). The fighting is going on in the area of Sakhanka and Shirokino. There's no serious threat for Novoazovsk or Telmanovo. Also, the junta is not engaging its main forces, holding them for the case of possible counter-measures by the NAF.

3. In the anticipation of the Minsk summit a whole package of MLRS (and most likely more than one) flew into the area of Kramatorsk from somewhere, a part of which fell on the city and on the local airport in the area of which there was fighting in the morning according to the locals (I remind you that Kramatorsk is located quite deeply in the rear). Versions about the Russian aviation were promoted, which allegedly attacked the Kramatorsk airport, but the unexploded rockets that stick out of the streets suggest that the shelling was carried out using MLRS. Who was fighting in the airport in the morning and the direction of the MLRS is still a mystery, we wait for investigations by the evening.

There are more video and facts in the online broadcast (in Russian) on the "Voice of Sevastopol". For now they report 3 dead and 15 wounded.
The junta already managed to accuse the NAF and the NAF has accused the junta. This is a quite expected background for the tomorrow's meeting in Minsk.

4. The mobilization continues in the people's republics. According to early data from recruitment offices, the NAF will get solid reinforcements for the spring campaign.

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