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Talentless operations by the command led only to slaughter

The commander of the territorial battalion "Kievan Rus" tells us how the "organized retreat out of the encirclement" was actually done. Effectively, he blames Poroshenko, the AFU General Staff, and the sector command of plainly and cynically lying, for which many of the junta's soldiers and officers paid with their lives. It is shown quite clearly where those who managed to get out of the pocket managed to make it. Many interesting details of the situation in the pocket after the capture of Logvinovo.

Upd: now with English subtitles!

Original article: (in Russian)

Note from the translator:

This video also settles the issue of the cyborg-berserkers of the Donbass battalion holding Nizhnyaya Lozovaya and the "road of life", as the Facebook-generalissimo Semenchenko boasted. None of that happened, Nizhnyaya Lozovaya and the high point 307.9 next to it were held by the NAF and the Ukrainians were seeping through between the strongholds in small groups while the artillery tried to suppress the strongholds. An "organized exit" this was not. He also says that some of the soldiers of the 128th brigade were still trying to make their way out of the pocket after their commander already became the "hero of Ukraine" and medals were distributed. He also suggests that they made the commander of the 128-th brigade a "hero" to shut him up so that he wouldn't speak too much.

This last bit totally deserves to be inscribed in the military history handbooks.

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