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Against the current

Correspondence of British military correspondent Graham Phillips with Britain's Foreign Office.

Great Britain is concerned. Graham Phillips is "strongly recommended" to leave Donbass.

British journalist Graham Phillips, who became a national hero of Novorossia after being wounded near Donetsk, recently published a letter that he obtained from the British Foreign Office. «We have been alerted to a number of social media updates that have caused some to raise questions about your presence in Ukraine in a journalistic capacity. — the letter says.  — Particular things that have raised concerns include being photographed while wearing military uniforms, separatist insignia, or holding firearms. We are very concerned that you may be putting yourself in danger through these types of activities which could be seen as a blurring of the line between journalism and active involvement in a conflict».
Later the foreign office employee reminds that the FCO of the United Kingdom doesn't recommend British citizens to travel over the territory of Crimea, Donetsk, and Lugansk regions, and also in the Kharkov region. "As we have previously discussed with you, we recommend that British Nationals leave these areas".

Graham Phillips prepared an answer, which he also put up on social networks. In his letter the nice European diplomatic manners are combined with the quite Russian frankness and "novorussian" views. «I accept that my working practices may appear unconventional, — he writes to the Foreign Office. – However they are easily explainable – I wear camouflage when filming from frontline positions so as not to attract extra attention to those I am with, or myself. The Ukrainian military are equally inclined to shoot journalists as combatants.».

The British journalist explains his political position to the British diplomats, which in essence puts him into the same category with the separatists in the eyes of the Europeans and the Kiev authorities. «Firstly, on a factual point, I’m not in Ukraine, I am in Novorossiya, which voted to secede from Ukraine in referendums last May 11th, after the violent revolution of Euromaidan installed an unelected, far-right government,» — Graham explains. — «I wear ‘separatist insignias’ because I think Novorossiya is a beautiful country. I’ve taken part in firearm drills to augment my experience, and understanding, as a war correspondent.»

Graham also informs of his plans to return into Great Britain in the nearest time. "I appreciate the support of my country, in a diplomatic capacity, and hope that my work here has enlightened our nationals to the real situation here, rather than the skewered misrepresentation sadly perpetrated by much of the British media, and the mistaken position of the British government.".

We remind that Graham Phillips started to work in Ukraine as a journalist back in 2012. He started to work there for the journal What's on. In January 2014 he was on Maidan, where he started to shoot video reports for the first time in his life. Later he travelled all over the south-east of Ukraine on his own money, where he captured all of the important events in Kramatorsk, Slavyansk, Lugansk, Donetsk. In each city Graham always makes a survey of the local people in his trademark style of "How's life here? What do you think of Ukraine? Who's Poroshenko?". But lately the reporter complains that his own fame prevents him from communicating with people: after a wound that he received in November of 2014 on the positions in the settlement of Peski, Phillips became so popular that almost everyone recognizes him on the streets. (in Russian) – link

PS. Actually, back in the summer the work of Phillips was a serious problem for our opponents, because it allowed for certain information to seep to the West and to destroy a nice picture that the Western media were creating there where the "fighters for the Ukrainian freedom" fought "Putin's hirelings and bloody terrorists".
Phillips did much to destroy that image. So of course they will try to remove him from Donbass so that he won't interfere with his inconvenient reports.

Original article: (in Russian)
The original English correspondence published by Graham Phillips on his blog:

This post was updated: the double translation of the quotes from the correspondence by Graham Phillips was replaced with the original quotes from his blog.

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