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"End" of USA Hegemony

A brief commentary for the overly optimistic declaration of Mr. Lukyanov about the end of the USA hegemony.

The hegemony of the USA on the world stage is over, and now we need to sit down at the negotiating table about the results of the Cold War, said the secretary of the Russian Federation's Security Council Yevgeny Lukyanov in his interview for RIA Novosti.
"The U.S. hegemony on the world stage is over, which, of course, cannot be agreed to in Washington. But we have to sit down and negotiate over the results of the Colw War," – said Lukyanov.
According to him, there should be a global process, which will gather all of the key players. "There is no organization for such a task other than the UN and the UN Security Council in the world," – announced Lukyanov.
Otherwise, he noted, there are no rules, no agreements. And they will be broken, especially when there are no clear obligations. "And then the world will become less and less controllable and more chaotic," – said the deputy secretary of the Russian Security Council.
He emphasized that now there are new centers of power on the world stage, this includes BRICS countries. "And Russia itself managed to stand up," – said Lukyanov. – link (in Russian)

At this moment such announcements are obviously wishful thinking, despite the growing economic problems and huge external debt, the USA still keeps the majority of instruments of global power in their hands (military, political, financial, cultural, technological), which is now attempted to be challenged here and there. Overall, such announcements about the end of the USA hegemony from the officials form yet another evidence of the weakening of the USA, because even 10-15 years ago something like this would only be laughable, and now this question can be discussed and questions of whether it is over or if we should wait some more can be asked. The pessimistic attitude of the American intellectuals organically augments the question about the indisputability of the American civilizational leadership.

The USA are long and confidently on the downward slope – the economic crisis, the unsuccessful wars, the bankruptcy of the controlled chaos strategy, the loss of prestige, and strengthening of the regional powers – all of this threatens the positions of the world hegemony. Along with this, the weakening of the main imperialist state on the planet occurs on the background of strengthening of its regional imperialistic competitors, who already openly demand reviewing current rules of the game – all of these attempts to move away from the dollar, creation of unions and blocks which don't depend directly on the USA and public needling of the hegemony, also overlay on the USA's own problems. The burden of the world empire is becoming increasingly unbearable for the Americans, which is why even in the U.S. themselves the tendencies of abstaining from a number of international obligations and distributing world order are already quite strong. At some point similar tendencies could be observed in the military and political elite of the USSR, which was also infected with the ideas of freeing themselves from the necessity of solving tasks on the global level.

Nevertheless, it must be understood that while the American financial capital, the Pentagon, and the energy companies keep power in their hands, it will be quite difficult, effectively impossible, for the USA to relinquish its role as a world empire. Therefore, to the best of their strengths and abilities, the USA will keep clinging to the elusive world domination, reining in the overly ardent imperialistic competitors on the way. This justifies the interest of the USA in weakening China, the EU, and Russia, as the potential benefactors of the collapse of the contemporary world order. Considering the fact that the economies of the competitors were struck by the economic crisis, these weaknesses will be taken advantage of on suitable occasion.

In Washington, of course, it won't be accepted that the time of the USA as an unconditional leader is running out and they for now have certain grounds for that, but the tendencies are such that the internal problems of the USA will continue to bring the moment of the loss of leadership closer even faster than the implementation of the ambitions of regional powers for a piece of the global leadership. However, this doesn't mean that the USA won't fight, the experiments with colored revolutions and numerous aggressions, manipulations with the debt burden, and binding the competitor economies to the American market, all of these are instruments of the struggle of the USA for its future. This is why I doubt that the USA will agree to the announced claims voluntarily, most likely it will be the opposite – the work for destabilizing competitors and for preserving the late-Washington world order will intensify.

Original article: (in Russian)
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