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Colonel Cassad (in English)

Bullhorn of Totalitarian Propaganda

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Weapon shipments from the UAE to Ukraine
NKVD Officer

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko reached an agreement about weapon shipments with the authorities of the United Arab Emirates.

The advisor to the head of the MIA of Ukraine, member of Verkhovnaya Rada Anton Gerashenko wrote about this in his page on Facebook
According to him, the agreements were achieved during the meeting between the Ukrainian leader and the deputy supreme commander of the UAE Armed Forces, the Crown Prince of the Abu Dhabi emirate Mohammed al-Nahayan. The negotiations occurred in the capital of the Arab state, where Poroshenko came to participate in the international weapon show IDEX-2015.
Gerashenko noted, that volumes of the shipments and types of weapons that are planned to be imported are not subject to disclosure.

«Arabs, unlike Europeans and Americans, are not afraid of Putin's threats of unleashing a third world war in the case of shipping weapons and materiel to Ukraine. Apparently, they have their own issues with Putin due to the decrease of oil prices by almost a factor of two and the worldwide instability, which impedes long-term development of the UAE. So this will be their small revenge», — wrote the advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs.

http://lenta.ru/news/2015/02/24/poroshenko/ (in Russian) — link

PS. Actually, as it was expected, the junta will be trying to get weapons from the West as it expects the renewal of military action in the spring of this year, which clearly shows its "peaceful" intentions. Because Obama, despite the pressure from Pentagon and the Senate, hasn't made a decision yet, the scheme with a "proxy" went into play, where one of the countries that is bound to the USA is ready to start shipping weapons in Ukraine, effectively becoming a buffer of sorts through which american weapon systems will be shipped. Moreover, they can be shipped as "weapons from the UAE" and the USA are sort of not involved. Why is it the USA and not France, which shipped the majority of UAE weapons? Because it was the USA which shipped anti-tank complexes BGM-71 TOW to the UAE, which have been mentioned for a while with regard to inflating the junta military with "defensive lethal weapons". If the USA have concerns with respect to more modern "Javelins" being captured by the NAF (the junta, by the way, understands this and is already anticipating the refusal to ship Javelins by telling stories of http://www.rusdialog.ru/news/16966_1424725520 (in Russian) how the Ukrainian "Stugna" can replace "Javelins" in some way), then the shipments of various TOW modifications (except perhaps the most modern modifications from the "zeroes"), may lie quite within the sphere of the U.S. interests. The UAE, in the case of actual shipments for the junta (through the Odessa port), will be able to ensure the appearance of shipments that are independent from the USA, both due to its own stocks and by importing weapons on the UAE territory to legalize them.

We'll see what exactly will be shipped through the UAE officially when the shipments will start (if they will start), but for some reason it seems that if weapons from the UAE will start flowing into Ukraine through Odessa, then we will see precisely the American TOW there.

The threat posed by these complexes must not be exaggerated, of course, but if the junta will be armed with significant numbers of these weapons, apparently the anti-tank defense of the junta will be able to give more problems to the NAF armor.

Original article: http://colonelcassad.livejournal.com/2061518.html (in Russian)

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This is just another iteration of US weapons shipments through foreign countries to allow it "plausible deniability". Same thing as they did with weapons out of Libya into Syria. Look at all the times US wants to supply arms but not publicly admit it - they simply tell a friendly nation to do it. Lockheed has a huge operation in UAE so it's likely they will be one of many suppliers and US military-industrial complex still gains as a result. UAE would not have done the deal without US approval.

Re: UAE weapon shipment

It is not clear yet what is in this deal and how much will be actually shipped.

This is Ukraine after all – and Ukraine is an extremely corrupt country. Today it is much more corrupt than a year ago because the courts, the press, and the political opposition are now fully muzzled.

I would not be surprised if this "deal" is a way for the Ukrainian generals (who are masters of these kinds of schemes) to enrich themselves by paying huge money for a few dozen TOWs and get some kickback from the Arab "partners". In fact, it is pretty much certain that there is a corruption element in this agreement. The only question is if there is anything other than corruption element in it and how many actual weapons will be shipped.

Remember that Ukraine now has a massive military budget that is spent without any transparency or accountability. There are no US-style congressional hearings on weapon systems, no audit, no oversight agency, nothing. So this may be just one way to funnel the military budget into generals' pockets.

In other words, we have to wait and see about this one. If the NAF will start capturing TOWs in combat, then this will suggest that there are some large-scale shipments indeed.

Edited at 2015-02-25 06:00 am (UTC)

OK I'll give ya that one...LOL there is definitely a large degree of corruption in Ukraine!!!! It just seems to follow a pattern, watch for any shipments coming by way of Israel and you can see the Iran-contra affair coming into play again.

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