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Chechetov "committed suicide" in Kiev

Lets change the regime and stop the crisis.

As it was written before on the occasion of Yefremov's arrest, the junta will grind the remains of "regionals" into dust. Following the arrest of the former head of the faction in the parliament, today such a hated by the junta character as Chechetov, who was the first deputy of the head of the "Party of Regions" faction in the Verkhovnaya Rada, "committed suicide". He was also one of the main speakers of the regionals with whom the current bosses of the junta had regular arguments in the Rada and on the TV.

Mikhail Chechetov was found dead in Kiev

The 7th Verkhovnaya Rada deputy, the former first deputy of the head of the Party of Regions faction Mikhail Chechetov committed suicide, jumping out of the window of his Kiev apartment.

"At 2am his wife found that the light was on in the home office in the apartment and a note on the table. He jumped out of the 17th floor where his apartment was", — the "Interfax" agency was told in the press service of the General Office of the MIA Ukraine in Kiev.

Criminal proceedings were started by the police based on the part 1 of article 115 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (premeditated murder). Nevertheless, the police said that this is a standard procedure and that in this case one can speak only about a suicide.

On February 20th of 2015 the Prosecutor General's Office announced that Chechetov is suspected of committing a crime with respect to the vote in the Verkhovnaya Rada on Januarty 16th of 2014 on bills that limit civil rights. The ex-regional was suspected of committing a crime by the articles 364 and 366 of the Ukraine's Criminal Code (abuse of power and official fraud).

On February 21st the Pechersky district court of Kiev ruled to imprison Chechetov with the possibility of a bail of 5 million of UAH. On February 24th it was announced that Chechetov was let out of jail by depositing the bail. (in Russian) — link

PS. Ah, these "Ukrainian suicides". I immediately recall Kirpa and Kravchenko. How can we forget the "Ukrainian suicide" material from the last year (in Russian) about strange suicides of prominent officials, among whom we can now boldly list Chechetov. By a lucky coincidence, the "suicides" start right after the next coup.

PS2. As the readers note, this wasn't the only "suicide".

Even before I wrote, after appointing the "family" governor of Zaporozhye, the mayor of Melitopol S. Valter "committed suicide". Also, according to the news from the city the deputy chief of the MIA A. Bordyug also "committed suicide". I'm wondering – if this a new kind of "lustration"?! (in Russian) – link

About the suicide of the Melitopol Mayor Valter, who "hanged himself" on February 25th: (in Russian)

Original article: (in Russian)

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