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Results of July 2nd Combat

During the second day of the offensive, the junta achieved several major successes, but no decisive results were achieved.

On the border between the LPR and the Russian Federation, fighting of varying intensivity continued. The junta actively used armor and motorized infantry, but couldn't breach the positions nevertheless. Near Krasnodon there were 2 tanks and 1 APC lost, near Izvarino – 3 APCs. The infantry suffered serious losses. The militia also suffered significant losses, but overall the combat ended in their favor, even despite the strikes of mechanized units, artillery strikes, and the overall enemy advantage in forces. It can be asserted that during 2 days of fighting the junta's group on the border with the Russian Federation couldn't solve its operational tasks and the fighting stacks up in the militia favor. Krasnopartizansk, the "Izvarino" checkpoint, and "Gukovo" still remain under the militia control.

On the territory of the Luhansk region, massive shelling of the northern suburbs of Luhansk and of the Saur-Mogila continued, the junta on one side is trying to process the militia positions to compensate its lack of forces for storming the main positions of the LPR, but for the most part this preliminary bombardment has an emphatically terrorist nature, when the MRLS and the tubed artillery effectively targets large areas, there are no precision strikes, not even close. To the North of Luhansk the junta is trying to increase the headcount of the grouping, in order to perform a strike to enter the northern suburbs of Luhansk.

To the North of Donetsk, the militia held all of their ground yesterday, however the junta's pressure in these areas had only a limited nature. The militia had no serious losses here, the junta's losses are unknown. Presumably, the junta lost 1 attack aircraft yesterday, but there are no confirmations.

Near Slavyansk and Kramatorsk the junta managed to achieve a tactical success, which may have operational significance. The militia are pushed aside from Nikolayevka, which led to cutting of the Strelkov's group from the main forces of the DPR. De-facto, Strelkov ended up being operationally encircled and in the nearest time he will suffer the lack of ammunition and other things necessary for war. The enemy success is not only due to large-scale use of armor, but primarily due to the powerful artillery grouping, which clears the road for the advancing units. The tactic is simple, but effective – the massive shelling of the settlement or the militia positions from tubed and rocket artillery is followed by the advance of several tanks and IFVs, if the militia doesn't yield, the armor withdraws, the shelling is repeated, and on the next day another attack follows.

Artillery shelling near Slavyansk.

There won't be any "blitzkrieg" here – the resilience of the junta's infantry is not high, with losses their morale bites the dust and the offensive has to stop. The very tactic used by the junta does not promise quick results, but ensures slow, but certain advancement, primarily due to the massing of fire and armor.
The militia at the same, despite the inequality in forces, show good resilience in defense, but people obviously have their limits, therefore the growing pessimism in Strelkov's evaluations vividly reflects the worsening situation in the vicinity of Slavyansk and Kramatorsk.

Besides this, the junta, using its international impunity, already openly massacres civilian population, the terrible footage of which filled up the Russian internet yesterday. The goals are simple – elimination of disloyal population, provoking panic, destroying the social infrastructure, and squeezing refugees into the territory of the Russian Federation, in order to cleanse Ukraine from the "dissenters".

Behind the enemy lines, the sabotage-reconnaisance groups continue to perform harassing combat actions and for the junta to pull a part of its forces to guard the rear and communications. The urgent recruiting of new punitive battalions reflects the enduring desire of the junta to saturate the rear strip with second-order military and free up the battle-ready units for pursuing an offensive.

Overall, after 2 days since the start of the offensive, the enemy, at the cost of significant losses, managed to achieve only limited results, which show that the DPR and the LPR are not that easy to break. – online broadcast on the "Voice of Sevastopol" (in Russian).

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