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Local Information

Confirmed information arrived from the combat zone, therefore briefly.

1. Today there was very heavy combat near Izvarino – the militia lost 10-12 dead and up to 30 wounded, the junta lost up to 40 men dead and several dozens wounded, 3 APCs were burned. The militia held their ground today too, they expect continuation tomorrow.
2. The main direction of the junta's military strike is determined – this is Slavyansk-Kramatorsk, that is where the main strike will be directed, the most battle-ready units and the most powerful tubed and rocket artillery fist are assembled there, which will be used for crushing the defense of Slavyansk. On other locations the artillery is used mostly for terrorist shelling in order to cause panic and mass exodus of the population
3. "Hurricanes" (i.e., the BM-27 Uragan) are used systemically. The bombardments are orchestrated by people in civilian clothing who represent the "Right Sector" and Mr. Kolomoisky. They are paid 1700 dollars for one day of "work". The military are their subordinates.
4. In the vicinity of "Schastye" there are up to 150 poles and about 50 lithuanians acting. These actions are coordinated by the deputy minister of defense of Poland. More details are promised in a few days.
5. The information about Mr. Khodakovsky is confirmed by our sources, he received money from Akmetov and the Ukrainians.

Original article: (in Russian)
Tags: donetsk people's republic, dpr, lpr, luhansk people's republic, war in ukraine

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