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A brief but important update

A brief but important update.

1. The withdrawal of forces has purely fictitious nature on the junta side. The enemy pulls back heavy weapons from the positions on camera and then returns them to the backup positions. The OSCE observers essentially serve as spectators who record the fake withdrawal even though no actual pull back of heavy weapons happens. In the coming days there will be a more detailed article with factual evidence on this topic. Besides the fake withdrawal of heavy weapons, additional redeployment of vehicles towards the front is noted. A multi-kilometer column of tanks passed through the Konstantinovka district towards Donetsk. About 30 tanks are being prepared for deployment at the front near Kurakhovo, personnel and materiel are accumulated in the area of Krasnogorovka, the reinforcement of the group of the enemy in the Volnovakha district continues, the appearance of "Buk" SAM complexes was noted to the south-west of Donetsk. Overall, the enemy is using the process of heavy weapons withdrawal to regroup its forces and accumulate the reserves for the possibility of resuming high-intensity military action. Naturally, this activity of the enemy is not a secret for the NAF military command.

2. The border of the RF with the DPR and the LPR remains open, as it was said before — our humanitarian personnel pass it quite easily. Cars with the wounded NAF fighters who are headed for treatment into Russia also pass. Meanwhile, the fight against "extraneous" cargo has intensified. So the talk of closing the border is not true. The control over the passing cargo became more stringent, this is certainly true, so in the observable future the humanitarian shipments may most likely require permits and strict observance of the demands of the RF law with respect to cargo transshipment through the border. The humanitarian free-for-all of the summer of 2014 is clearly ending and systemic regimentation awaits the processes of transshipping humanitarian cargo. Regarding volunteers, they continue to come and they are allowed to pass, but this is no longer a trip to "somewhere" but typically a trip to concrete units where people are put on the roster. Unlike in the LPR, in the DPR the armed units that are not included in the roster are banned, so situations where a volunteer could come into Donetsk and select a unit for himself to join will disappear completely in the medium term. In the LPR, due to more internal laxity, such situation will continue.

3. Mobilization measures associated with the accumulation of food have been activated on the south-east of Ukraine. The amount of bread made in bakeries of the south-east region has increased significantly. Apparently, the enemy is accumulating food for the spring-summer campaign. Accumulation of the stocks of fuel and lubricants is performed in the area of Artyomovsk, Izyum, Volnovakha. Our sources point out certain problems due to the lack of fuel trucks and construction machinery. There are very few specialized vehicles of military type and a significant part of vehicles that were mobilized from the civilian economy was lost during prior engagements. These kinds of vehicles are typically abandoned first during retreat, so there is a serious lack of them since the autumn.

4. In the coming months we may expect serious filtration with the goal of uncovering people who committed crimes and abused power in the interest of personal gain in security structures of the DPR in addition to the continuing fight against organized crime and various offenses committed by the military. There is understanding among the republican leadership that by condoning such facts, against which there are often complaints from the local residents, one may obtain genuine discontent in the end, which will be directed at the central authorities in addition to the local officials and security personnel. Overall, this will be another stage of the campaign of establishing order in the DPR, which continues since September and has already significantly lowered the crime level, even though it still remains quite high. Elements of Makhnovism still occur, but now this is more of a fight against organized crime, which takes advantage of the weakness of the state.

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