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Combat of July 2nd

After yesterday's reconnaissance in force, on July 2nd afternoon, the junta continued its slow advance in a number of locations on the front lines. And if on the border the junta wasn't particularly successful today (during fighting in the vicinity of Krasnodon the militia seized 2 tanks and 1 APC from the junta), then the advance near Slavyansk led to some results. After massive preliminary bombardment, the punitive troops managed to capture Nikolayevka and Slavyansk today ended up in complete operational encirclement. If the current situation continues without an external blockade-lifting strike, the defeat of Strelkov's group will become just a matter of time – they will simply run out of ammunition, the city will start having serious problems with drugs, food, and water.

10:47:51 (MSK)
Shelling of Slavyansk continued overnight. There are many victims among civilians and a lot of destruction. In Kramatorsk – the same. The militia did not suffer from the shelling. Since the morning there are periodic artillery strikes against our positions and the city. The EMERCOM brigades and the militia take apart the wreckage of homes in different districts. There is ongoing search for corpses. I will communicate the numbers once they are fully calculated. For now, it is known with certainty that one family of three has perished.

I don't confirm the shooting down of the Su-24 over Semenovka. I was reported yesterday that there was a launch, but it missed. Today aircraft flew very high and didn't open fire.
Fierce fighting continued at the border. The Ukrs (i.e., the Ukrainians) are trying to cut off the remaining corridor in the Luhansk region by all means. Here (in Slavyansk) the enemy shells the city with direct-fire.

Yes, by the way, the militia losses in Slavyansk-Kramatorsk-Semenovka-Nikolayevka during yesterday amounted to, according to the confirmed data, 2 wounded. We are still confirming how many dead and wounded civilians there were (especially during the night). Yet another terrorist shelling of the living blocks of the Artema district just ended.

Heavy combat is ongoing under Nikolayevka. The enemy pushed our infantry back with a mass of tanks and other vehicles into the settlement and is trying to "finish off". At the same time it is trying to cut off Nikolayevka from Semenovka through the "channel" road. The enemy artillery operates continuously. There is fire against Slavyansk as well. In the vicinity of the bridge across Kazennyi Torets, the civilian bus was shot at. 2 people dead, 3 – wounded. They shoot at everything that tries to enter or leave the city.

At this moment, Nikolayevka is surrounded, there is fighting between it and Semenovka. The enemy is slowly but surely tightening the encirclement. Artillery, "Grad" (i.e., BM-21 "Grad"), "Hurricanes" (i.e., BM-27 "Uragan") fire against our positions and housing blocks. The resilience of our infantry cannot stop the armor armada under the conditions when for each three of our fighters there is 1 armored vehicle of the enemy.

Krasnyi Liman – MLRS fires against Nikolayevka.

17:11 (Msk)
2 fighters died in battle. Three wounded. One enemy tank was hit (unfortunately, it was pulled back behind the enemy lines).
This is the long-anticipated pocket. – link (in Russian)

As we can see, there is no "blitzkrieg", there is exactly squeezing of the militia into the cities through massive use of artillery and MLRS, with the support of aircraft and helicopters. The technical and numerical superiority shows. Among the additional losses of the junta – in Dnepropetrovsk (in Russian) one Su-25 attack aircraft crashed.

On his way, Strelkov traditionally poked the fans of "clever plan".

The Ukrs (i.e., the Ukrainians) whacked the water conduits on the Severodonetsk channel through which the water was flowing into Slavyansk and Kramatorsk by gravity. Now the city is completely without water. The wells cannot provide the still numerous population.
The "Hurricane" (i.e., the BM-27) is working against the center of Kramatorsk.
For everybody who says that Russia should stay away.
Tell me, if your brother, who is attacked by a huge bandit, doesn't have enough courage to push back – Will you stand by and complain: "well, why would I help you – because you are such a coward?"
Elderly pensioners are being killed here, who worked for you for all their lives. They kill women, who cannot hit back the killers in any case. – link (in Russian)

And about war crimes.

English translation:
Top: "Our father is the best"
Bottom: What does this ghoul dream of?

Airstrike on Lisichansk:

Nightly shelling of Kramatorsk.

The orphanage "Topolyok" destroyed in Slavyansk.

The consequences of airstrikes against the housing blocks in Stanitsa Luhanskaya. The classic of war crimes.

Caution, the video is very 18+ – the impressionable and children are better off ignoring it.

Plus the photos of the destruction.

The impressionable people are better of not visiting under the spoiler.
[Spoiler (click to open)]

The junta is behaving like a madman and yells that this was done by the "separatists" who insidiously shelled their own people. But the junta's signature is quite recognizable, both in the crime itself and in its sorry excuses. (in Russian) – the use of the MLRS "Uragan" (i.e., the BM-27) in the vicinity of the Artemovskiy settlement. In 2008 (in Georgia) the military intervened exactly the shelling by "Grad" (i.e., the BM-21) (which was announced as a horrible war crime), which so much weaker than the MLRS of type "Smerch" (i.e., the BM-30) and "Uragan" (i.e., the BM-27). Active use of effectively all kinds of heavy weapons, including unconventional munitions against civilians, clearly points to the fact that the junta leadership is confident (or has some assurances) that the Russian military intervention won't occur and as many as needed can be killed without hesitation. Because the daily number of corpses (who are mostly civilians) constantly increases, it gets harder and harder to linger the "clever plan" as time goes on.

Overall, by the evening of June 2nd, the situation on the front lines in the DPR and the LPR remains difficult, and near Slavyansk the situation became worse during the day.

Original article: (in Russian)

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