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Situation Near Slavyansk as of July 3rd

As it was said yesterday,, Slavyansk became the direction of the main strike of the junta  today.
Yesterday, using large-scale preliminary bombardment and by large-scale application of armor they managed to cut off Nikolayevka, effectively cutting the Strelkov's group communications, which ended up in operational blockade. Today an assault is directed against a garrison in Nikolayevka, which is supposed to be final – there is very difficult battle going on. Actually, the junta's tactic during fighting for the suburbs of Slavyansk is fairly simple – the Strelkov's group, which is forced to defend the outskirts is attempted to be divided with armor attacks and to be destroyed in parts.

The fresh announcements from Strelkov clearly point at the worsening situation – the junta is squeezing the outskirts and the militia suffers losses, with the inevitable perspective of withdrawing into the immediate urban area of Slavyansk and without the ability to restore the disturbed communications.

During July 2nd heavy fighting continued in the vicinity of the settlements Nikolayevka and Semenovka, the commander squads (Motorola and Machete) kelts Nikolayevka and continued to fight on the outskirts of Nikolayevka.
On the 3rd of July, during fighting one militia fighter perished and another was wounded.
At the same time the commanders (Berkut, Filin, and Miner) deserted from their positions and relocated into the city of Yenakiyevo (the names of the traitors will be announced later).
The headquarters of the DPR militia orders all fighters in the squads of the aforementioned commanders to immediately stop obeying them and report into Kramatorsk with all their weapons. The traitors must be arrested and brought there as well.
The militia headquarters confirms that the garrison of Nikolayevka is sufficient and the town won't be surrendered.
During combat near Semenovka on July 2nd one enemy tank was hit. The militia lost 5 men dead and 6 wounded due to artillery strikes, shelling and fighting continues.
During the night between July 2nd and 3rd the bridge on the Kharkov-Rostov highway through the Kazenniy Torets river was blown up. On July 2nd and 3rd massive artillery strikes against Slavyansk and Kramatorsk from all kinds of tubed and rocket artillery continued. In both cities there are numerous civilian casualties and a lot of damage.
The Ukrainian artillery performed a directed strike against the water conduit, through which water was flowing into the city of Slavyansk and the city of Kramatorsk, also on the morning of July 3rd the Nikolayev thermal power plant was also shelled, there is damage and there are casualties. The fighting continues. – link (in Russian)

Lightning from Strelkov: the armored convoy broke into Nikolayevka, Motorola is leading the battle

On the internet there is a fresh video on which a large convoy of ukrainian armor drives through Krasnyi Liman, the users counted 16 IFVs, 4 tanks, and 11 military trucks. Igor Strelkov commented the current situation and the convoy in this way.

4 tanks, 16 IFVs, 2 obstacle clearing vehicles, 1 minesweeper "Soroka"? 2 120-mm mortars. A tank platoon and a mechanized infantry company with means of reinforcement. This is for us or for Mozgovoi under Rubezhnoye. But most likely for us: they'll pass through the pontoon bridge through Krivaya Luka and approach from the South-East of Slavyansk.
But this is a "little" convoy yet. Here there are 50-60 armored vehicles with a hundred trucks and a couple dozen cannons and self-propelled artillery systems... But an idea of how the militia has to fight them – this does give.
I recommend everybody who criticizes the militia for "passivity" and so forth to look at the recording and consider that this one convoy has four times more armor than all of our brigade...
12:30 (Kiev time), 13:30 (MSK) The armored convoy of the Ukrs broke into Nikolayevka. Battle is ongoing.
13:37 (MSK) Currently, Motorola fights with twice fewer forces than even on the day before yesterday. But I believe in him. – link

The militia, in essence, is forced to only defend against the superior enemy, which conducts a combined arms operation without limitations regarding civilians. With current tendencies, the operational pocket around Slavyansk will continue to shrink up until the urban area. Carrying out a unblocking strike against the junta's grouping that surrounds Slavyansk is unlikely – the DPR has little armor, no aviation, and no artillery (in significant numbers). Here it must be understood that if the militia wages a semi-guerilla warfare, then the junta fights with an army of the industrial period, which is obviously stronger than the lightly-armed militia squads in open battle. Machinery and mass are decisive. The individual heroism only creates a background for the difficult operational situation.

Good luck to Motorola, he will need it today. If he manages to hold on in Nikolayevka, then he will win several days for Slavyansk, because the junta will have to regroup in order to capture Nikolayevka and establish control over it.

Original article: (in Russian)
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