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Parade in Sevastopol

On the background of the deteriorating situation under Slavyansk, the junta appointed a new minister of defense, Mr. Geletey, who promised to hold a "victory parade in Sevastopol".

As it was already said in comments for the American bill No. 2277, the conflict for Ukraine is not exhausted with the situation in Donbass. If the front lines in Donbass collapse, then the junta will simply reach the border, seal it up, and establish a stiff occupation regime on the occupied territory, after which a significant portion of mobilized forces will be directed to Perekop, where, with the information support from the USA, which will threaten the Kremlin with sanctions, provocations will be carried out, which may include attempts to move through the border "into the Ukrainian territory". In this case, even if the thought that the "clever plan" exists and its goal is to prevent the Russian involvement in the war, then there is no problem with that – one attempt of the Naziguard to pass Perekov will bring the desired outcome. But, of course, before that the junta certainly needs to drown Donbass in blood, which is what we now see. For now, the bellicose declaration on the topic of Crimea is more likely to signify intentions and perspectives, rather than point to the immediate threat. It must be plainly understood that everything doesn't end in Donbass and, in the case of the DPR defeat, Crimea will be the next hot point.

The junta has no military perspective of returning Crimea, which is why the pressure on Crimean topic will be combined – military provocations and political and economic pressure from the USA. For the Americans this situation is actually a "win-win" – in any case they gain in some way or another. The junta is just a bargaining material here, it will pay in its own blood for somebody else's game.

Original article: (in Russian)
Tags: crimea, dpr, sevastopol, strelkov, war in ukraine

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