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The Dose

The International Monetary Fund already sent the first 5 billion dollar tranche of the financial aid to Ukraine.

Overall, the country will get 10 billion dollars this year. The head of the IMF mission in Ukraine Nikolay Georgiev said this on Thursday.

Overall, within the program of supporting the Ukrainian economy, the IMF will provide 17.5 billion dollars. In addition, there will be debt restructuring for 15 billion dollars and also the aid from G7 countries that amounts to 7.5 billion.

As the IMF report says, the reason for extending the original plan is the conflict in the east of Ukraine, due to which the economy "was seriously damaged by the loss of shipments of goods and also by the fall of the national currency".

On February 12 the head of the IMF Kristin Lagarde said that the total sum of the financial aid for Ukraine will be 40 billion dollars. The money will be given over four years from several sources.

Last year the country's foreign debt reached 30 billion dollars. This is a quarter of the Ukraine's GDP. The prime minister Arsenii Yatsenyuk said earlier that in 2015 Kiev is supposed to pay 11 billion dollars towards its debts. At the same time the country's reserves fell down to 5.6 billion dollars. (in Russian) – link

PS. Actually, as expected, the drug addict was triumphantly given yet another dose, so those who anticipated the rapid default of Ukraine in Autumn, Winter, and Spring will have to wait with triumphant communiques on the topic of everything falling apart on its own soon. While there is still some use in the junta, it will be fed, but only to the extent that is necessary to accomplish the tasks posed before the junta bosses. The symptomatic note by Yatsenyuk, where he says that the residents of Ukraine need to think of future generations, appears like a cynical sneer, because it is obvious that the current generation of the Ukrainians is not going to see anything good. The weight of the debt will increase progressively and will be passed on to the children and the grand-children. Without this money it would be quite hard for Kiev to continue running the war, because if foreign borrowing were to be refused, Kiev would simply break economically in the process of military action. Now, after getting another dose, they can prepare do that for which they were actually brought into power.

It is also worth noting that receiving new handouts from the West will help the junta stabilize the situation on the financial market somewhat and to prepare for the next stage of the war more thoroughly. Together with this handout to Ukraine, France, which got stubborn with the Mistrals, also got its bun (in Russian). To improve Hollande's mood the Americans ordered (in Russian) a civilian linear on the shipyard where the Russian "Mistral" was built, so now the perpetually wavering Hollande should become more cheerful.

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