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They Won't Stop on Slavyansk

Odessa, May 2nd, House of Unions
Luhansk, June 2nd, Administration of Luhansk Region
Luhansk, July 2nd, Stanitsa Luhanskaya

By evening Strelkov produced a quite pessimistic assessment of Slavyansk defense perspectives.

They won't stop on Slavyansk. Quite the opposite, once they take it – they will continue to advance with doubled strength. They have prepared shells for months in advance, the morale is high (of course, they understand their
colossal advantage and they see our weakness). They are actually going to wrap up the campaign by July 12th. Entirely. That is, reach the border and cleanse the major cities. Today is only the 3rd. We won't be able to stand until the 12th for sure. Don't forget that the MILITIA fights here. For it the capture of Slavyansk will be a heavy blow to morale. The Ukrs continue to destroy the Nikolayevka thermal power plant. The plant is burning. In Nikolayevka, under the fire from "Smerch"  (i.e., the BM-30 Smerch MRLS) some five-storied residential building are destroyed to their foundation – they simply "folded". The city is surrounded with armor on the heights and for each movement "below" (the town is located in lowlands near the river) they open annihilating fire from the artillery.

* * *

"So, there will be several million refugees and the "glorious victory" of the Ukropia. Without direct Russian military aid we won't be able to stand. While there is hope for Russian support – the militia will fight. If this hope disappears – that's it.".

* * *

Once they'll finish us off, you'll be unpleasantly surprised with the amount of enemy tanks and artillery that will proceed further...

PS. Indeed, it is obvious that if Slavyansk and Kramatorsk will be captured, then the significant forces of the junta's military will be freed up for the offensive towards Donetsk, where the defense is not likely to be as robust as in Slavyansk. Certainly, the hypothetical fall of Slavyansk will seriously squander the  morale of the militia and at the same time raise it for the junta's military. The existing covert aid of the militia from the side of the Russian Federation is clearly insufficient as of today and this is obvious for those who fight there as well as for those who hauls it there – the advantage in firepower and armor is too high. Actually, the junta used the "truce" properly – it rotated the units with low morale, performed the required regroupings, brought ammunition. After a few days Strelkov will simply run out of ammunition for heavy weapons, while the junta spends its ammo more than generously, apparently trying to tighten up the encirclement around Slavyansk and engage the city and its garrison directly. The city itself will turn into a semblance of Sirt or Aleppo in the process.
Judging from the junta's announcements (in Russian), they don't intend to take prisioners. For now, everything suggests that in the nearest week a lot of people will die in Donbass.

UPD: From the calls to the phone of the officer on duty:

Around Slavyansk there is active movement of military vehicles of the Ukrainian fascists.
The junta is pulling in forces.
Tanks, APCs, MRLSs
The assault is possible.
People ask: Will Slavyansk be surrendered or not?... I said no. And that victory shall be ours.

Officer on duty, July 3rd, at 20:50:
Near Semenovka, by the ceramic plant a wounded person is dying, they ask to help somehow........

Officer on duty, July 3rd, at 21:09:
Near Amvrosiyevka the movement of the junta's cargo trucks is observed.
Before that 2 low-flying helicopters were noticed.

Original article: (in Russian)
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