cassad_eng (cassad_eng) wrote,

The situation in Makeyevka

Regarding the situation in Makeyevka, indeed there was a special operation there and as they say the commandant of Makeyevka with the callsign of "Murky" was removed from power.

The reasons are not yet clear. Those competent sources to whom I referred don't have information yet, they are currently figuring out the details.
For now I can only suppose that the operation is performed as a part of the long standing campaign on sweeping the criminal elements who integrated into power.
Nevertheless, I'll wait for concrete data, which I'll add here when it will be possible.

UPD: Our sources say that this case has to do with the fight against criminal activity.

Original article: (in Russian)
Yandex translation of the comments posted to the original Russian blog entry:

Tags: donetsk, donetsk people's republic, dpr, makeyevka, novorossia

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