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Results of July 3rd Combat

About the situation on the front lines of the DPR and the LPR after July 3rd.

The most complicated situation is under Slavyansk. Strelkov for 2nd straight day speaks out about the most lamentable situation.


"Nikolayevka is surrounded. There is no connection with the garrison. The uninterruptable shelling of Semenovka, Nikolayevka, its power plant, continues. The amount of ammunition that is disposed is such that I haven't seen in Chechnya. During the night, Slavyansk was repeatedly shelled using howitzers. Everybody curses Kiev, Poroshenko, and... Russia. Which gave hope and threw at the mercy of the punitive troops. I want to ask the readers not to "grasp for straws", rejoicing with some shot down jet or a destroyed tank: the Ukrs have so many of them that we could destroy up to 10 daily – there won't be any fewer. They press us with constant flow of armor and shells. The infantry is almost never used – only cleanses the settlements that are effectively leveled to the ground. Pure genocide. If Russia won't act in the very nearest future – Novorossia will perish very soon. Slavyansk will perish much earlier than everything else. Yes, and by the way... our communication is completely cut. So, the TAC vests, boots, night vision goggles, and everything else can be now safely sent wherever wanted – they won't reach us anymore. The shelling of the city continues.

Actually, here everything was clear even yesterday, after being surrounded, the Strelkov's group will have serious problems with supplies, and the junta will try to wage war against it from the distance, processing the offensive strip with artillery and only then moving in with tanks and infantry. The militia can counteract this tactic only with courage and resilience, but when the positions are poured on with a flow of shells of tubed artillery and MRLS rockets, not much success can be expected.
Kramatorsk is dealt with analogously, but judging from everything, the main attack will be still directed at Slavyansk – the junta has an obvious goal: to capture all settlements around Slavyansk – Nikolayevka and Semenovka – the main targets of the ongoing offensive, where the militia still hold their ground heroically despite the flagrant disparity between the forces.

Massive shelling continued to the North of Luhansk, the enemy is trying to clear up the passage for the Naziguard, which has to take the Luhansk suburbs and start a wrapping movement to the South-East of the city, in order to cut the supply channels of the DPR and the LPR that pass through Luhansk. Because the junta has a bit fewer forces near Luhansk compared to the forces near Slavyansk, for now it still has to resort to large-scale use of artillery, because the direct combat clashes between the junta's infantry and the LPR infantry show the low morale of the punitive troops, which cannot sustain prolonged firefights.
Carrying out serious strikes against "Metallist", Stanitsa Luhanskaya, and Saur Mogila shows the potential target of the advance of the mechanized units, in which interests the current preparatory bombardment is carried out.

Similar processes are observed in the vicinity of Donetsk, where after the unsuccessful combat of July 1st, the junta resumed its attempts to proceed towards the city, there is an ongoing massive shelling of the militia positions, the shooting can be heard in Donetsk itself. The preparation for the offensive is also going on here. Of course, as the settlements are being shelled a lot of civilians perish – estimates between 20 and 1000 were given yesterday.
Considering the intensity of shelling and the area of housing blocks under fire, I think that we can speak about hundreds of dead.

On the border with the Russian Federation there is still a hole from 90 to 120 km, which the junta, despite all its efforts over 3 days, couldn't close up. The hub point here is Izvarino, and also Krasnopartizansk. The junta wants to capture them a lot, but despite fierce fighting and significant losses on both sides, the offensive in this are chokes for now.

The information about periodic shooting in Donetsk and Luhansk suggests that the combat groups of the special forces/SBU operate on the territory of these cities, which solve the tasks of disorganizing the militia's rear and conduct routine work of eliminating people who are listed for elimination.

Overall, the situation on the territory of the LPR remains tense, and on the territory of the DPR it is worsening. The combat confirms a simple truth – the militia and special force units cannot withstand a regular army that conducts a combined operation for a long time. All of this was confirmed many times in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Chechnya, Syria.

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