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Participation of USA and NATO in War in Ukraine and Russian Position

The famous military expert Mr. Igor Korotchenko on the participation of the USA and the NATO in the civil war in Ukraine and about the Russian position in the question of helping the DPR and the LPR.

The countries of the North-Atlantic pact did not remain aside from the bloodshed in Novorossia. To help the poorly equipped Ukrainian army the NATO will provide weapons and military equipment from the Eastern European countries. This announcement was made today by the vice-premier of Russia, Mr. Dmitry Rogozin, who added that the "losses" of the more recent NATO countries will be replenished by supplies from the USA. Do the actions of the NATO mean that the West now pursues the course of escalating the conflict in Ukraine, and what should be the Russian response, described in his interview for Nakanune.RU the editor of the journal "National defense" Mr. Igor Korotchenko.

Question: From your point of view, what can we conclude from these actions of the NATO? Can we say that in this way the foreign countries finance and support the escalation of the conflict?

Igor Korotchenko: Yes. This is another contribution of the North-Atlantic union into the civil war in Ukraine. Considering the lamentable condition of the Ukrainian collection of military equipment, the NATO provides Soviet weapons, which they still have (Eastern-Europen countries – note by Nakanune.RU) since the times of the Warsaw Pact, to the Ukrainian side, taking the responsibility for further losses in the course of the civil war in the East of Ukraine.

Question: Can it be considered that in this way the USA and the NATO entered the conflict on the territory of the South-East and the proclaimed people's republics?

Igor Korotchenko: Since the beginning they were the initiators of this conflict, because the high level officials of the USA effectively pushed Turchinov and now Poroshenko towards forceful cleansing of Donbass. Now, among political efforts, the NATO and the USA supply weapons to Ukraine and became sides of this conflict.

Question: Does the international law allow this or this is done bypassing it?

Igor Korotchenko: Which international law can we speak of in Ukraine? In Ukraine, where civilians, children, and elderly are killed. Where cities are destroyed, where the army attacks civilians. Which norms of international law are we speaking about? Ukraine – now it is a black hole, where no norms of international law exist.

Question: Can we consider the NATO actions as a provocation for Russian military intervention in Ukraine?

Igor Korotchenko: No, this is absolutely unrelated.

Question: Is there any data on which exactly equipment is supplied to the Ukrainian military?

Igor Korotchenko: Armored vehicles, artillery vehicles. Supplying spare parts for aircraft, ammunition, mortars, guns. That is, everything that was left since the times of the Warsaw Pact, this was all Soviet equipment, and now Ukraine still fights with Soviet weapons, because for them this is what they know and what they can use during armed conflicts. But these are 30-year-old weapons. That is why Ukraine cannot ensure precision hits against targets and fires, in effect, attacking, destroying peaceful cities. All of this is a consequence of them fighting with equipment that is 30 and more years old.

Question: From your point of view, in the current situation does Russia have a full moral right to support the militia of Novorossia with weapons?

Igor Korotchenko: During at least three months now I speak that Russia must, from the point of view its  national interests, provide a massive military and technical support for the Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics. This has to do with shipments of weapons, shipments of technical and military equipment, and it must act exactly in the same way that the USA acted in Syria, arming the Syrian rebels. Using the example of the USA we must arm the rebels in the South-East of Ukraine, who struggle, effectively, within the confines of national liberation struggle for their indepence, in the same way.

Question: In the West, can they call the actions of the NATO and the USA as the answer for the so-called "Russian aggression", the answer to Russia, allegedly, already sending weapons into Ukraine?

Igor Korotchenko: This is Ukrainian and Western propaganda. Russia does not participate in the conflict in Eastern Ukraine, which aggression? All of this is pro-pa-gan-da. – link (in Russian) – original article (in Russian)

Original blog post: (in Russian)
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