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The attempt on "Givi"s life

It was announced that the car of the head of the "Somali" battalion was shot at near Makeyevka.

The car of the famous commander Givi of the "Somali" unit was shot at by unknown attackers.

No fewer than 12 bullets of 5.45x39 mm were fired in the silver KIA. The commander, according to him, was saved only by the fact that he managed to jump out of the car as it moved forward.
The attack on Givi's car occurred during the day, when the commander departed from Makeyevka to the militia positions. As he was leaving the Chervonogvardeysky district, the silver foreign-made car was passed by a blue VAZ-2109, which started to decelerate rapidly. The unknown perpetrators opened fire. Givi says that he was saved by the speed of his reaction.
"I managed to jump out of the car, and it simply rolled on forward on its own. The bullets hit the rear door, the glasses, the engine was also hit. I saw the car, pulled out my weapon, Zakharchenko's gift, opened fire, but they took off and went towards the detour road," — the "Somali" commander told the LifeNews journalists. Givi doesn't view this situation as an attempt on his life and he is not going to appoint the guards for accompanying his automobile.
"I drive without guards, I have nobody to be afraid of — I'm on my territory. Everyone says that I need security. We are not some VIP persons, who need protection." (in Russian) - link

PS. It cannot be ruled out that the attempt could be a retaliation for the participation of "Somali" in the disarmament of Makeyvka's commandant office headed by "Murky".
Recently Strelkov confirmed that in "the basement" of "Murky" there were several fighters who used to be in Strelkov's unit and that they spent several months there. Now the ones who kept them "in the basement" are themselves "in the basement".

The Makeyevka's commandant office was silently reformatted. Strelkov's soldiers were let out of the basement, who set there for 8 months. The commanders were completely replaced, the old ones were brought to the Shorsa St. 62. I didn't want to be the first to write. I confirm this. (in Russian) - link

And it cannot be ruled out that one of the "comrades" who are currently sitting "in the basement" decided to take revenge. So the story received a continuation of sorts.

Original article: (in Russian)
Yandex translation of the comments posted to the original Russian blog entry:

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