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Slavyansk. Die, but Another Day.

According to the latest events on the South-Eastern front, it is precisely due the retreat of the Slavyansk garrison into Kramatorsk and later into Donetsk that all of Surkov's pocket bloggers were given instructions to blame Strelkov for exodus from Slavyansk.

They even used extraordinary measures to pull out Mr. Kurginyan from some dusty corner, shook mold off of him, and sent him under the walls of Donetsk with a sermon. And, judging from his gig, the current greatest complaint to Strelkov is that he, together with his garrison and with the majority of Slavyansk civilians, didn't perish to Mr. Kurginyan's benefit.

Among the Kremlin's journalists the team complaint to Strelkov and the militia consists of their survival.

For me, listening to accusations of cowardice directed to Strelkov from those who never served in the army and don't understand crap about tactics, strategy, and operational skill, rightfully causes a belly laugh.

That is why, for those who are being deliberately obtuse, I give an idiot's guide below.

In each war there are such things as tactics, strategy, and operational skills. These things determine the very essence of the war, i.e.,  fighting between military units.

If Strelkov's critics occasionally find on the vast spaces of the Internet a Handbook of lieutenant of the armed forces of the Russian Federation, entitled "Field Manual of Ground Forces", or another such book, using which the students of the West Point academy study the basics of democratizing the indigenous people of Africa, then maybe they will be sufficiently lucky to find out that each military unit, independently of its state and socio-political affiliation has such features as combat effectiveness and combat abilities.

These features describe such useless parameters as the type of locality on which military units can carry out their tasks in offense, defense, and during march. They speak about the ability to inflict damage on the enemy by firing weapons depending on the available types of weapons. They show how many days and with which ammunition load units can carry out their tasks. And many other interesting things, which a typical sofa warrior need not know...

Now, from the point of view of tactics, strategy, and military skill, the battle for Slavyansk was lost. Yes, this is so!!! And to keep the garrison there for slaughter, only in order for the sofa patriots to be able to beat their chest with their heels and yell about the mythical "Stalingrad", was at least stupid and wrong. In Slavyansk there was neither "Stalingrad", nor "Leningrad", and equally there was no "Road of Life" and the armies of Chuikov and Tolbukhin didn't stand under Kramatorsk.

After the punitive troops of the Kiev junta, using the factor of the mythical "cease-fire", inflated their combat capabilities and increased the combat effectiveness of their troops stationed around Slavyansk, that is, exceeded the analogous parameters of the defending forces under Strelkov's command, the subsequent fate of the defending garrison was a foregone conclusion and their final defeat was a question of time. Soldiers armed with automatic guns don't have chances against multiple rocket launcher systems and this is not a question of politics, this is a question of elementary calculation.

And, in the light of the fact that, despite the promises of certain politicians, the Second Front wasn't opened, further staying of Strelkov in Slavyansk would lead to a complete defeat of the Slavyansk garrison and, as a consequence, would exposuref a whole area on the front lines, which the Kiev punitive troops would certainly use to their advantage.

The retreat of the Slavyansk garrison through Kramatorsk into Donetsk allowed Strelkov to not only withdraw combat-ready units into new, prepared in advance defensive positions, but also to substantially wear down the enemy, due to the necessity to regroup the means and ends and due to fighting the reconnaissance and sabotage groups.

The positional retreat of Strelkov from Slavyansk means that the Kiev punitive troops will have to carry out the reconnaissance of the Novorossia defense, determine its weak points, cause the necessity of creating new positional segments of the offense, relocate the rear, and so forth all over again...

The war machine of the Kiev punitive troops, it is, you know, not very agile...

All of this is precious time, which the Moscow politicians, I hope, will use properly to think about their place in the history of the Russian State.

As for the sofa warriors, Surkov's bloggers, and ancient moldy windbags, who yell about why Strelkov surrendered Slavyansk, today completely repeat the same things that Zhukov was told in Stavka when he announced the necessity of leaving Kiev.

And as we remember, after surrendering Kiev, there was Berlin...

Inter-Regional Public Organization Veche
Guard Captain Vladimir Orlov – link (in Russian)

PS. I happen to know Captain Orlov personally. I quite agree with his opinion, today's coordinated attack against Strelkov quite obviously revealed the wing of the party of defeatists and capitulants, who wish a defeat for the DPR.

By the way, after Strelkov's maneuver, today's Russian media were unrecognizable, after the melancholic-detached assertions of war crimes committed by the fascist junta on Donbass, the rhetoric was quite closer to April-May. Evidently, the unexpected retreat of Strelkov's brigade from the perishing Slavyansk, touched not only the swamp of Donetsk politics, but also serious layers of Russian internal politics, which caused a stir from various defeatists (which is actually excellent – different scum revealed themselves nicely), as well as certain change in rhetoric of the federal media.
It must be mentioned how Mr. Akmetov immediately started to squeak (in Russian), as well as persistent rumors that Mr. Khodakovsky, anticipating the worst, ran away from Donetsk into Mariupol (this needs to be clarified). The problem of the Akmetovians is that with a living Strelkov they won't be able to dump Donetsk with an assurance, and in the case of full-fledged fighting, they will be dropped dead and buried somewhere by the side by one of their own, for example, during intensive fighting who will investigate why would, e.g., the president of some Akhmetov's private security enterprise disappear? Therefore, I would not exclude Akhmetov's participation in the organization of informational harassment of Strelkov.

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