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A political "victory"

The president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko thinks that the operation of the security forces in Debalcevo was a "political victory".

«About the political significance of this operation in the world: you can't even imagine just how this was important», — RIA Novosti cites the words of the Ukrainian president.
Poroshenko emphasized that Ukraine has "something to be proud of". (in Russian) - link

PS. It is so very Ukrainian (in the modern meaning of this word) to declare a military catastrophe, in which several thousand soldiers and a bunch of various materiel were lost, to be a "peremoga". The funniest thing is that with respect to politics the rout of the junta at Debalcevo had very little significance, because it was put off the table already on February 12 in Minsk, so the process of finishing off the group that was encircled on the eve of the negotiations continued in a political vacuum, where Debalcevo was already taken away from the junta despite all of Poroshenko's cries that Debalcevo remains Ukrainian and the cries from the West that the NAF offensive on Debalcevo is illegitimate. That is, the NAF simply finished off those who Poroshenko failed to make a part of the new political deck.
In the end, between February 12 and approximately the end of the month, the encircled group ceased to exist. Only those made it who ignored the "genius" Poroshenko plan of holding Debalcevo in the style of Kurginyan, who demanded to hold the encircled Slavyansk to the bitter end. So to say, Poroshenko's example showed in practice what such a political Kurginyanism leads to, who sacrificed a bunch of lives for a "political victory" and later tried to shut the mouth of the commander of the 128th brigade using a medal, just to ensure that the truth about the rout at Debalcevo won't come to light as quickly.

Well, and now almost a month passed and it is possible to declare that a defeat was a victory in hindsight, although I think that it will be hard for even the fiercest junta supporters to name the key ingredients of Poroshenko's "victory" at Debalcevo. The inability to recognize defeats and the persistent attempts to explain new routs by the plots of spies or the actions of the Russian military reflect the overall lack of desire by the junta to learn from its mistakes, even though such a high number of cauldrons should motivate learning from the experience of military failures in order to not repeat them again. The threats from Donetsk that if the junta won't calm down then another cauldron will be arranged for it are not as empty as some think. Even in the current configuration of the front there are clear hitches for creating yet another cauldron. And in the case of the intensifying of military action, the not-so-high level of operational management on the level of the General Staff and the sector command will traditionally lead to further mistakes, which are worse than crimes. And so there is a non-zero probability that we'll once again see the already well familiar roads of the retreat of the Ukrainian army filled with abandoned vehicles, bodies, and garbage. And of course it will be announced that all of this is another victory over the common sense. When it comes to victories, the victories over common sense are the main achievement of the "Euromaidan".

I wonder how those Ukrainian soldiers, who were lucky enough to break out of the Debalcevo mousetrap and who left their killed and frozen comrades on the snowy fields, like hearing these announcements. Do they believe that their sad "organized retreat" was a political victory?

PS. The photo shows spent shell casings collected in a single pile in the Olkhovatka stronghold.

Original article: (in Russian)

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