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The next portion of the "Humvee" armored vehicles arrived from the USA into the Ukraine.

Actually, as it was earlier announced, only some of the delivered vehicles will be armored. Some of them will be used to arm the punitive and the territorial battalions. Actually, just like the British "Saxons" we'll soon see this stuff on the front, but this will unlikely be a serious cause for alarm. The American-made vehicles were successfully burned as early as last summer. Overall, 230 such vehicles will be shipped.

The "Hummer" destroyed in Stepanovka is shown on the photo.

The Humvees destroyed by the NAF artillery, autumn 2014.

Overall, there is experience of destroying these vehicles. But it must be understood that for the Americans these shipments are just a start. Later they may send more serious shipments.

Original article: (in Russian)

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When will Russia start reciprocating by sending military supplies to the various anti-government groups in the USA? By land through Mexican border, by sea via shipping containers.

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