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Our right to war is taken away
NKVD Officer

After Benya, without thinking too much, they started to deal with the punitive battalions.

The punitive battalions were told to leave the "M" sector in Donbass

[A note from the translator: A machine translation of the news article quoted by Colonel Cassad in his post is shown below.]

Representatives of the "Right" sector state that the leadership of the "M" has ordered the release of the volunteer battalions from the ATO in the Donbas, the newspaper writes 0629 with reference to the fighters. Commander 8 separate company Right sector Andrew Cherven told that they were given the order to leave Shirokino to 27 March and 1 April to leave the area of the ATO. The order stated that to come shall all units that are not part of the APU and the national guard. Cherven said that he was unable to disobey the order.
Commander 8 separate company stated that the withdrawal of the volunteer connections will be detrimental to the defense of Mariupol. Cherven turned to Mariupol public, to influence, to the volunteers remained in positions in Shirokino. "Let the people in the political issue will protect us, and we will continue to protect them physically," he says.
The chief of staff of the 8th separate company DUK "Right Sector" "Aratta" Artem Luzac, pseudo Doctor, confirmed this information.
He said that the Andrey Cherven was delivered the ultimatum that either DUK "Right" sector "falls under any formal structure or leaves the ATO," he said.
At the moment, according to Artem Lusaka, fighters Right sector moving away from the "red zone" at the base. "We take away the right to war. Neutralization of the volunteer battalions are a betrayal," said Luzac.
The chief of staff of the 8th separate company says that volunteers are better at war than the AFU due to the fact that they have more motivation. "We do what can't they do" — said Luzac. The press officer of sector "M" Oleg Sushinsky said, Shirokino are "Azov", "Donbass" and the national guard. Speaking of CHATTER Right sector Sushinsky explains: "There are civil people who believe that most of dfd. Sushinsky confirmed that volunteers are invited to write reports and to enter into a formal ATO units, otherwise asked to leave the combat zone. "They want to fight. But it can't. There are civilians, military. If they consider themselves professionals may enter officially," he added.

[A note from the translator: human translation or revision of the above news snippet would be appreciated. If you have one, then please consider sharing it in the comments, by a private message, or by email] (in Russian) - link - the Yandex machine translation of the complete news article into English.

PS. And just a short while ago they seriously discussed about the battalion march on Kiev. However, it turned out to be enough to deal with Benya and put up a clear ultimatum for the punitive troops and now they "can't disobey the order". It will be interesting to see how many punitive units will have the guts to openly ignore Poroshenko and the command of sectors after the clear threats from the MIA and the SBU. It is very symbolical that such a reconfiguration fell right on the anniversary of the murder of Sashko Bilyi. So to speak, under a watchful eye of the late Sashko, the junta is going to squeeze the Banderovite makhnovism.
In principle, it is possible to understand the "Right Sectorites" — just a couple of weeks ago the project of implanting Yarosh into the General Staff was considered absolutely serious. And now they are humiliated by the army people, who can now take revenge for all of the previous indignities. Here the joy of the AFU is roughly the same as the joy of Wehrmacht after the Night of the Long Knives, where the nazis thinned the stormtroopers who were bold enough to believe that they could replace the army, to the satisfaction of the Prussian generals.

Original article: (in Russian)


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