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The night of cynical banderas

After the defeat of Kolomoisky in the intra-oligarchical feud became obvious, Poroshenko didn't waste any time to launch the processes of further centralization of power. The "special operation" was announced following the fact of the murder of the SBU employee by Kolomoisky's bandits. Also, the EMERCOM minister was arrested right during the session of the cabinet of ministers on the charges of participation in the criminal schemes for fuel purchases.

[A note from the translator: A machine translation of the news article quoted by Colonel Cassad in his post is shown below.]
At the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine arrested the head of the State service of Ukraine for emergency situations Sergei Bochkov and his Deputy Vasily stuecki.

As UNIAN correspondent, the detainees are suspected of embezzlement of public funds in public procurement.
It is worth noting that the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk has allowed law enforcement officers to conduct investigations in the areas of government following the report by the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov.
As UNIAN reported in the press service of the Ministry of internal Affairs, Bochkov and Starcoma organization charged with criminal schemes purchases of fuel from private companies at inflated prices. Officials detained in accordance with article 208 of the criminal procedure code of Ukraine. Avakov appealed to the Cabinet of Ministers with a request to take the decision to dismiss Bochkov and Stockage, as well as the dismissal of all the leadership of the SSES units in all regions of the country. Q. A. duties of the Chairman of the SSES appointed adviser to the interior Minister Avakov Zoryan Facebook.
Help. Sergei Bochkov appointed Chairman of the State service of Ukraine for emergency situations by the government of the Ukraine on April 23, 2014.

[A note from the translator: human translation or revision of the above news snippet would be appreciated. If you have one, then please consider sharing it in the comments, by a private message, or by email]

The video of the arrest (in Russian) - link

Apparently, Bochkovsky was associated with Kolomoisky schemes for purchasing fuel and reselling it for higher prices for the ATO needs, when at the start of the war Kolomoisky made several tens of millions of dollars out of air. The topic of dealers associated with Kolomoisky was actively discussed in the junta media, which engaged in war profiteering, and so today, on the wave of Kolomoisky's defeat, they immediately started to catch such a big fish as ministers involved in this "business". These, however, are likely to be trivia.
The change of the role of the SBU due to the recent events is much more symptomatic.

[A note from the translator: Machine translations of the news articles quoted by Colonel Cassad in his post are shown below.]
Petro Poroshenko announced a massive security operation in Ukraine after the murder of an employee of the security service of Ukraine

the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko announced the beginning of a large-scale special operation in Ukraine with the participation of all the power structures of the country. The corresponding statement he made during a speech at the Central office of the security service of Ukraine (SBU), reports UNN/
The murder of an officer of the security service of Ukraine Viktor Mandika occurred in Volnovakha the morning of 21 March. The Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov on his page in Facebook wrote that the SBU was shot during the arrest of three truckloads of contraband, who tried to smuggle in Donetsk national self-proclaimed Republic.
The representative of the security service of Ukraine Andriy Lysenko said that the identities of the suspects are installed, some of the attackers have been detained. (in Russian) - link

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that the country's security Service should be reformed in accordance with the criteria of NATO, Interfax reported.

According to the Ukrainian leader, the new standards will improve the efficiency of the SBU. He also added that all Agency staff should be professionals, who should do the high-tech equipment. Earlier, the President of Ukraine signed the law on the increase of the Armed forces of up to 250 thousand people. (in Russian) - link

SBU: all non-state paramilitary structures must be disarmed

The head of the security service of Ukraine Valentyn Nalyvaichenko emphasizes the need to disarm all paramilitary structures unrelated to the Armed forces or law enforcement agencies of Ukraine.
"Now the time has come and military leadership, and the leadership of the Ministry of internal Affairs, and the management of the SBU to take care of the ATO soldiers, providing them with appropriate legal status, the opportunity to enter legally in the composition of the legitimate armed forces: the Armed forces of Ukraine, Ministry of interior, the national guard or security service", said Mr. Nalyvaichenko Tuesday night in the channel 5.
He said: "Everyone else who doesn't want to log in as a member of the armed forces, police, national guard, security service) must surrender their weapons and to choose a different model of behavior is to leave the area ATO, moreover, not to create and not be part of any illegal military or paramilitary associations.
"We take seriously the fact that were disarmed before the end and disbarred those structures that are involved or are part of a well-coordinated gangs", added Mr. Nalyvaichenko. (in Russian) - link

SBU has strengthened counter-terrorism measures in the Odessa region and is preparing for a full sweep from "terrorism-minded groups or individuals", reports Interfax-AVN with reference to the Minister Valentyn Nalyvaychenko.

SBU is preparing for a full sweep of the Odessa region from terrorists "In Odessa now go counter-terrorism activities. Further, these operations will be more widespread, in fact, it will sweep and the elimination of those subversive gangs that will remain in the Odessa region," said Nalyvaychenko.
"If on the territory of Odessa region is illegal armed groups, they must be disarmed"
, he added. (in Russian)

the head of the SBU report on implementation of orders Poroshenko.

The security service of Ukraine declares disarmament unknown in uniform, who were guarding the office of the largest oil producing company "Ukrnafta" in Kiev. The journalists reported SBU head Valentyn Nalyvaichenko, passes the Censor.With reference to Ukrainian news.
"The President made it clear (to disarm the people "Ukrnafta"), and all done. Once again I reiterate that we are ready to substitute police shoulder. But more to brag to anyone so we will not allow that", he said. According to Nalyvaychenko, Ministry of internal Affairs independently handled the situation around "Ukrnafta". (in Russian)

the security service is investigating the possible involvement of a number of deputies to the sponsoring of a criminal gang - Nalyvaychenko

In the case of evidence of the involvement of people's deputies to the sponsoring of the gang, which account for a murder and robbery, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine will be forwarded to the idea of removing them from parliamentary immunity. This was stated by the head of the security service of Ukraine Valentyn Nalyvaichenko.
Wanted member of the gang, which was involved in the murder of an officer of the SBU in Volnovakha wanted the leader of the armed band, citizen of Ukraine Gordeev, who was involved in the murder in Volnovakha employee of the security service of Ukraine. This was announced today at a briefing in Kyiv said the head of the security service of Ukraine Valentyn Nalyvaichenko, reports "Was organized by the interception of a murderer who used weapons and as we understand it, is one of the representatives of the leadership of an armed criminal gang, in fact, a gang that terrorized the local civilian population, and not only in Donetsk, and Dnipropetrovsk oblast and in the city of Dnepropetrovsk. "We work produced materials. In the case of evidence of the involvement of those (MPs - ed.) who are trying and will try to interfere with the ongoing investigation, for sponsoring this gang, will be a representation of the General Prosecutor's office of the Verkhovna Rada of withdrawal parliamentary immunity - ed.). This is a joint position of the General Prosecutor's office, the security service and the interior Ministry", said Mr. Nalyvaichenko to journalists on Wednesday in Kyiv.
The head of the SBU assured that the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko is no command to halt political persecution bandits will never give". He stressed that it's "tough stance" of the President. – link (in Russian)

The head of the security service of Ukraine Valentyn Nalyvaichenko said that soon the functions of the Agency are subject to change, reports UNN.

"Now we teach people already for future intelligence. You need to change the law. First of all, the functions of the security Service will be changed in order to concentrate and keep the key areas," said Nalyvaychenko.
According to him, in the future, the SBU will be deprived of a number of functions, including functions of the fight against corruption, which will take the new anti-Corruption Bureau.
The need for reform of the intelligence agencies recognized by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. He stated that if a year ago SBU worked effectively, the events in the Crimea and the Donets basin could have been avoided. "Just as a year ago we created a new army, just as quickly on your feet and new Ukrainian secret service. If a year ago we had this SBU as it is now, we would in time the plot was discovered in the Crimea and the Donbas region," the President said. (in Russian) - link

[A note from the translator: human translations or revision of the above news snippets would be appreciated. If you have one, then please consider sharing it in the comments, by a private message, or by email]

PS. In essence, after helping Poroshenko in the business of deposing Kolomoisky, the SBU will attain greater functions on its major directions and will be fully transformed into a political police, delegating some of its prior responsibilities to other services. The main direction will be the struggle against the "enemies of Reich", "separatists", "FSB agents". Naturally, all of this will be densely integrated into the system of the American special services deployed in the Ukraine, whose agent is Nalivaychenko. He is actually a much better fit for the role of the grey cardinal of Ukraine than Kolomoisky. The time of brownshirts is ending. After the current lite-version of the night of the long knives will be over, the brownshirts will be replaced by a local version of Gestapo. On the example of the ultimative demands of the SBU of disarming all armed units that don't report to the central authority one can clearly see how this structure, which is fully controlled by the Americans, grabs more and more power, where the various "Donbasses" and "Azovs" are pretty much not needed any longer. The Security Service of Ukraine, which was destroyed in 2014, is now successfully transformed and is operational in every region of the Ukraine. And so the punitive ersatz units are no longer needed, actually they are harmful. So we see this velvet coup of sorts, when the "era of punitive battalions"  is replaced by the era of systemic state terror, which can have only a single master. This is why Nalivaychenko openly entered the stage lately, there is no longer a need to hide the obvious and the time of self-made czars like Kolomoisky is ending right before our eyes.

Apparently, the preparation for a purge started already during the period of the resignation of the former prosecutor general Yarema, who was replaced by Shokin. After this the political persecution of the former regionals (Yefremov's arrest) sharply activated and the Ukraine was covered by a wave of the "political suicides". So there is nothing surprising that the reconfiguration of the political playground of the Ukraine is performed by the hand of the Nalivaychenko-Avakov-Shokin trio, who provide the security foundation for solidifying Poroshenko's power.

It is also worth noting that, on the background of the ongoing redrawing of the political field of the Ukraine and the deposition of Kolomoisky, the intensity of military action reduced somewhat. Most likely, the ongoing transformation may somewhat delay the start of the active phase of the military action, which I personally expect in April of this year, just like I used to.

UPD: And yes, the murderers of the SBU employee at Volnovakha were called the "cynical banderas"

[A note from the translator: the cynical banderas are mentioned at 1:00.]

The revolution of dignity, la-la-la. -)

Original article: (in Russian)

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