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Situation as of July 6th

First, the operational information.

1. Rough filtration began in Slavyansk, they detain people of conscription age, move them outside the city into the filtration points that were deployed earlier. There are no mass shootings just yet. The reconnaissance and sabotage groups that were left by Strelkov in the vicinity of Slavyansk and in the city itself started to carry out attacks against the junta's units which entered the city, which is why already by lunch time the junta resumed artillery fire on Slavyansk.
2. Mass shootings occurred on July 3rd-4th in Nikolayevka – up to 20 persons killed who were accused of "links to the militia". A significant number of civilians perished during combat from artillery fire. At this time there is no data about Nikolayevka.
3. In Kramatorsk the filtration is in the preparatory stage for now, considering the significant number of civilians who stayed in the besieged cities, the junta simply lacks forces to check the population that fell under its occupation.
4. On the border of the LPR and the Russian Federation there are crowds of people who wish to break out of the conflict territory into Russia. Today, the combat on the border faded a bit, but the sniper groups work actively – the destroyed cars, which today were attempted to be passed as photos from the road between Slavyansk and Kramatorsk, were from Izvarino, where for several days already snipers shoot with density at the road towards the checkpoint. The situation on the border, according to the words of combat participants, is difficult, there is no full confidence in keeping it – the enemy still has a serious advantage in armor and vehicles.
5. Under Luhansk and Saur-Mogila, stubborn fighting continues during which the junta suffers serious losses in people and equipment. Artillery is actively used, including on Luhansk. As of this time, the militia is holding their ground and the junta is not able to breach their positions.
6. Artemovsk and Druzhkovka were abandoned during today, the militia actually left them yesterday, pulling out towards Gorlovka.
7. In Donetsk there was a rally of about 5 thousand, the people cried "Heroes" on the account of the Strelkov brigade. Gubarev spoke well.

Now in essence.

1. They cry that how so – they abandoned the population, the fascists are raging. The fools don't understand that after destroying the Strelkov's group, the fascists would start raging anyway – this is a question of time, because the question of the methods of fascists is long since closed – they are well-known, obvious, and in many ways patterned. During the Great Patriotic War the Red Army abandoned hundreds and thousands of settlements and the majority of them were defended for much shorter time than Slavyansk. But while the army existed, it could return and retake the territory captured by the enemy. Indeed, this is what happened. The complains against Strelkov in the style of "he killed them" are in the same category as complains against Stalin "it is not Hitler who suffocated the residents of Leningrad with a blockade, but Stalin". "It is not Hitler who killed the jews in Babiy Yar, but Stalin", and finally the ultimate "26.6 million dead during the Great Patriotic War were killed by Stalin, but not by Hitler". This argumentation is an obvious sign of the liberastia (n.b. the synthetic word "liberastia" is an attempt to translate the Russian slang word "либерастия", which is obtained by crossing "liberal" and the Greek "paiderastia", i.e., "homosexuality") of the brain and the acute attacks of democratic schizophrenia.

2. The decision of abandoning Slavyansk was obviously a military one (the city was cut off from the key communications) and also a political one (in Donetsk, discord and vacillations continued), and the aid from the Russian Federation for Slavyansk was absolutely insufficient in the view of the hopes of military intervention, for which Slavyansk was held as an important hub of communications. According to everything, significant changes await Donetsk: in the nearest time, the remnants of the Ukrainian authorities, having learned about the arrival of Strelkov, started to rapidly relocate away from Donetsk (and those who didn't flee started to be cleansed already by today – the building of  the State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine was captured as the result of a firefight), because it is obvious that they won't be sentimentalized with now. The political leaders of the DPR, akin to Pushilin and Tsaryov, already greeted the Strelkov's maneuver and proclaimed their support for him in the battles to come.

3. Regarding the weeping in the spirit of "what, now Donetsk" will be shelled? Yes, it will be shelled. If the Strelkov's group were to be destroyed in Slavyansk, then the junta would advance to Donetsk anyway, and there would be fewer forces there, with that the organization of the militia in Donetsk is much worse than in Slavyansk. But as a matter of fact the war would go on anyway, there would be damage and casualties. Because this is war.
The cries about the consequences of the war or as our liberals like to weep about the Great Patriotic War, "the price of victory" aim to prepare the public opinion for the fall of the DPR, saying that we have to leave, there will be war and casualties, is it not better to flee across the border. This is the party of defeatists, which effectively serves as the accomplice of the Ukrainian fascism, squeezing of the militia across the border is one of the main goals for them. The defeatists effectively broadcast the junta propaganda directed against the DPR and try to undermine the morale of the militia, who are showing confidence of being able to hold their ground on the Donetsk frontiers.

4. Regarding the weeping – well, they told us that the encirclement was complete, and it turned out that it wasn't. The main roads for shipping cargo into Slavyansk the junta cut off since early June. By the time of losing the connection with Nikolayevka, Strelkov lost his main major channel, on which his whole group was hanging on. The remaining country roads were not able to provide the necessary bandwidth and they were also coupled with significant risks. Our man was in Slavyansk on July 1st and on his way back on the country round, their column was fired at with MRLS, the cars were hit with shrapnel. The checkpoints were ideal for blocking shipments, but they were ill-served for curbing a serious attack by the militia, who simply overran the checkpoint on the highway to Kramatorsk and drove on. If somebody external was working on the questions of unblocking Slavyansk and clearing the roads that led to it, then Strelkov would still sit there for a long time. But in Donetsk over 3 months they couldn't even create a joint military command, not speaking of the strike group. That is why, while the ring didn't become deadly, Strelkov attacked and left.

5. The start of active combat in the area of Donetsk-Gorlovka will cause the announcement of a partial or a full martial law in Donetsk – either on behalf of Strelkov, or on behalf of the warlord council. Obviously, the work on capturing marauders and bandits will be activated, with the subsequent demonstration shootings (I think that there is a chance to see two or three of such acts). The remnants of the Ukrainian authorities in Donetsk will be cleansed. Also, Strelkov, like in Slavyansk, will enlist militia from the locals, which is a bit easier to do in Donetsk.

6. The junta will need 6-8 days to move their positions to the new front line, which is why we can expect a full-fledged offense on Strelkov's positions under Donetsk and Gorlovka at some point by the middle of the month.
In these battles he can try to use the armor available in the DPR, which will be pulled into Donetsk, which will give him new tactical capabilities.
It goes without speaking that at this point the question of supplies is more or less closed and the junta is not likely to be able to cut them off. So, weeping on the topic of all is lost is a typical example of panic during the war. The war is far from over yet.

Overall, after leaving Slavyansk and Kramatorsk, the sides proceeded to prepare the battle for Donetsk. Due to the number of forces available to the militia, it promises to be even more stubborn than the battle for Slavyansk.

Original article: (in Russian)
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