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Sorry, but We Didn't Die Under Slavyansk

Mr. Strelkov's aide spoke in detail about the breakout of the main Strelkov forces out of Slavyansk. As it was said before, there wasn't any "free corridor", not even close.

Sorry, But We Didn't Perish Under Slavyansk

The militia was forced to abandon Slavyansk. Certainly, we were ready to stand to the end, and we were ready to execute such an order from our supreme commander. All of us already wrote the wills and bid farewell to our relatives. But we are the military people and we will execute another order too. Furthermore, we have absolute confidence in Mr. Strelkov's integrity and in his military experience. This man already went through 4 wars, being a volunteer at that. What would happen if the Russian army would decide to fight to the end for Moscow in 1812 or for Kiev in 41? There wouldn't be capturing Paris, and, accordingly, Berlin, and there would be a futile waste of the army – "the singular ally of Russia". I am absolutely confident in our victory, and that we will liberate Kiev too. But I don't know with how much blood and over which time.
That is why it is very strange to read the current speculations from some, apparently patriots, about Igor Strelkov being guilty in "virtually anything". Among which – the surrender of the city. They better recall about how he and his fighters heroically stopped the offensive of the whole army, even though there were only hundreds of them, in the end – a couple of thousands. Armed almost exclusively with just guns, they held the offensive of fifteen thousand professional soldiers.

I. Strelkov at that also asked for help, spoke about the necessity of intervention of a peacekeeping force, or at least massive shipments of heavy weapons from Russia. But nobody listened to him. Moreover, over the next few days several commanders betrayed him, which exposed the flank of the Slavyansk defense from the side of a suburb – Nikolayevka. The further defense by the forces of the few militia fighters against the regular army, without hope for aid from the Russian side, would mean the futile death of the effectively only combat-ready, battlewise troops of the People's Militia of Donbass.

And also the complete death of the city with its civilians. Because the tactics of the Ukr army – is something of an artillery genocide. They are very afraid of losing their manpower, which is why they simply pull their howitzers and "Grad"s to our settlements and then strike at them, methodically destroying block after block. What is the most interesting, the "ukrops" almost completely destroyed the Russian street in Slavyansk. I think that the battery commander looked at the navigator, the city map, saw the hated name, and decided to shatter precisely the Russian street. However, on other streets there were a lot of damage too. The scenes that I've seen are indescribable. А shell-shocked three-year-old, who is going crazy right before you, screams in a voice not one's own... The priests, who read the burial service for the whole hallway, walking through a dozen coffins, put out near to the native home of the deceased....

It is precisely to stop this horrible Ukrian "peacekeeping" that the supreme militia commander Mr. Strelkov decided to withdraw his troops.

But now there are immediate machinations about that, allegedly the militia squads followed some special "corridor", which was arranged for them by Mr. Poroshenko. This is absolute nonsense. The matter is that the Slavyansk blockade wasn't complete. And it was still possible to exit by country roads. Another matter is that these roads were also exposed to artillery fire, most of all – from Karachun. That is why Igor Ivanovich ordered to perform a distracting maneuver – perform an attack of our not very numerous armor against the positions of the Ukro-army. Our "Nona" and tanks started to carry out strikes against them, and at the same time the militia on "Urals", "KAMAZs", mini-vans, and cars drove towards Kramatorsk. Some tankmen perished heroically, their list is still being verified, they will be put forward for being decorated with Georgian crosses of Novorossia posthumously.

Certainly, it wasn't without confusion, which is unavoidable during such a quite massive operation. Some drivers, having forgot about the order to maintain the blackout, drove with their headlights on, forgot to cover the parking lights. And the enemy launched their drones, flares. They have a huge number of drones, which I personally confirmed earlier, during a night combat raid. That is why the enemy in the end managed to uncover us, and the tail of our convoy fell under the shelling from "Grad"s.

We personally lucked out, my men and I were in the head of the convoy and didn't suffer. However, in the beginning it was precisely our car that drove in the tail, but later we had to turn the convoy due to a mistake of the local guide, and so we became the first after being last. During this shelling, unfortunately, the militia families suffered, which they were relocating to save from the punitive troops. A woman and a girl were wounded, the automobile transport was damaged. Our precisely losses during the exodus from Slavyansk are still being clarified.

But it is especially insulting to hear criticism from the "right" and "left". Because no "collusion" with the Ukro-power, which tried to destroy us once again during the military withdrawal, can be spoken of. Our "horrible losses" during the troop withdrawal are also out of question. So why do you have to repeat the Ukr lies?!

Because overall the Strelkov's operation was a brilliant success, and, despite issues that are unavoidable in such a situation, he managed to pull out almost all of the manpower, more than 90%, successfully. And effectively all weapons. This strengthens the defense of Donetsk a lot, which is the most important.

And to the office patriots, who criticize Strelkov from remote, I can say this: come here and show your talents here, if you think that you are smarter and braver than him. We need volunteers. Sorry, but we didn't die under Slavyansk. We still have every chance to die under Donetsk, if Russia won't help us.

Igor Druz, aide to the minister of defense of the DPR on the questions of information and politics. – link (in Russian)

PS. Actually, the facts perfectly show, that this media injection about "the betrayal of Strelkov" initiated by Mr. Kurginyan and similar propagandoms (n.b. the synthetic word "propagandom" is an attempt to translate the Russian word "пропагандон" which is a cross between "propagandist" and "condom"), is a reaction to the unexpected actions of Strelkov, who suddenly turned from the obvious dead man (which these dudes would hypocritically sign praises posthumously), together with his men radically changed the situation in Donetsk, where everything, it seems, was already set up to go smoothly.

Original article: (in Russian)
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