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"Open Corridor"

On the topic of various idiots, who are now running around and yell on the suggestion of the provocateur Kurginyan that nobody died and there was an open corridor.

The lost armor group, which covered the retreat of the main force. The junta's checkpoint was attacked, during the attack on which the part of the armor group was lost.

According to his words, the successful breakout "from the closing encirclement" was helped by the "distracting attack on the "Slavyansk" stella by our armor group". "The major part of this armor group perished," – recognized Mr. Strelkov. "Our decision to exit the city, not die in it, was caused by not only the desire to save the garrison itself, but also by our understanding of not being able to hold on to it, and the city will be subject to even greater damage, even more casualties," – he explained the withdrawal of the militia from Slavyansk.

UPD: It must be clarified that at minimum 2 destroyed machines (the ones with license plates) belong to the junta. According to the data from the militia in the fighting during the breakaway there were at minimum 4-5 IFVs/amphibious IFVs and 1-2 tanks lost. The junta's losses in the battle at the checkpoint at this moment aren't known, at minimum 2 IFVs.

These people were simply underwritten in order to write a libel on Strelkov, as if they didn't exist (Mr. Strelkov actually colluded with the junta! – I anticipate the change of tactics – they were killed in order to create an alibi for Strelkov, who colluded with the junta!), even though it was precisely them who distracted the enemy during the breakaway.
Actually, it is in the interest of Mr. Kurginyan and those like him, that the complete destruction of the whole Strelkov's group in Slavyansk was needed, in order to prevent the large-scale combat in the vicinity of Donetsk, which is now becoming effectively unavoidable, Strelkov relying on the warlord council as a supreme commander started to (in Russian) solve the problems of the Donetsk defense. Remarkably, but only after the arrival of Strelkov, finally it became known who is in charge of the defense of Donetsk, besides autonomous militia squads which don't obey to each other. Just think about it, over 3 months in Donetsk even the elementary stuff wasn't done. Somebody really wanted everything to remain just as before, even after the fall of Slavyansk, Donetsk wouldn't resist  for long, and now it is the opposite.
And now this moment, Kurginyan shows up on the territory of the sovereign DPR and actively works against the supreme commander of the DPR forces under the conditions of the occupation of a part of the DPR territory. Many immediately started to write that, under the conditions of war, for this one must be sent to dig the trenches together with the Bander-logs. Actually, under the conditions of war, one is to be executed by a firing squad and then buried by the roadside.

Original article: (in Russian).
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