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RAND Corporation Plan

Briefly about the so-called "Rand Corporation Plan", with which the comments and the personal messages were filled up with a request to clarify.

I cannot neither confirm nor deny the authenticity of this plan. It includes the provisions that were already implemented in practice, and also those which are still looming in perspective. Certainly, this can be both the evidence of the gradual implementation of the plan, and also a sign of fake, when the previously uncompleted actions are appended to the already completed with a reconstruction of the result into a single plan.

But here what I want to say, despite all question to the information source, the text itself is logical overall, has a foundation on real actions in the spirit of those that are mentioned in the plan, a part of which already occurred, and a part cannot be excluded. There is a sort of analogy with the "Dalles plan", which as it is said in a popular expression, "doesn't exist, but is implemented".

Overall, whoever is the author of the text, it reflects the possible perspectives of Donbass with high probability in the case of the victory of the fascist junta.

Original article: (in Russian)

Tags: dpr, usa, war crimes, war in ukraine

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