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Results of July 4th Fighting

Results of July 4th fighting on the Donbass territory.

About Slavyansk and the political moment I wrote right here (in Russian) before, it is only worth adding, that this morning there was information that a part of the Slavyansk garrison allegedly broke into Kramatorsk, leaving only a cover squad in Slavyansk itself. But about this in a separate material.

Below on the other locations on the front lines.

Simultaneously with an offensive in the vicinity of Slavyansk and Kramatorsk, the enemy continues to perform actively near Artemovsk and Lisichansk, which have a binding nature, ensuring that the junta's grouping under Slavyansk is free to act – the militia who defend Lisichansk and Artemovsk are forced to repel attacks of mechanized units and hold on to cities without the ability to regroup and help Strelkov. If under Lisichansk the solid and confident leadership of Mozgovoi is apparent, who yesterday managed to crush a mechanized convoy of the junta not far from Lisichansk, then in Artemovsk a reconnaissance sabotage group of the enemy broke into Artemovsk and stroke up a fight near to the militia headquarters in the downtown. Having made a "splash", the group retreated, revealing the weakness of the Artemovsk garrison on its way, which may motivate the junta to activate its actions against this city, which has strategical significance, because the communications to Slavyansk and Kramatorsk passed through it.
The capture of Artemovsk is also very important because the currents of weapons supplied from Soledar were flowing through it.

On the entire background of the offensive, the enemy actively uses artillery, not sparing the ammunition, during the time of the "truce" the ammo load per cannon reached up to 2-3 packages per weapon, also there is a fairly intensive delivery of shells from the depth of the country. The majority of the perished civilians is in Nikolayevka, Slavyansk, and Kramatorsk, according to the optimistic estimates there are dozens of victims, according to the pessimistic ones – hundreds. In light of the nature of fighting near Slavyansk, the data about the militia, the junta, and civilian losses becomes increasingly incomplete and fragmented.

In the vicinity of Donetsk, the enemy tried, after a preliminary bombardment, to start moving from Karlovka towards Donetsk, but the militia positions here are quite robust, and no offensive ensued, after which the already standard many-hour shelling of the militia positions and the nearby settlements followed. In Donetsk itself the militia tried to recapture the airport, but fighting went on with intermediate success, which is why in the end the militia only managed to capture a part of the airport, no decisive success was achieved.
In the city itself, due to the lack of militia forces, there are ongoing actions of the enemy reconnaissance and sabotage groups and the SBU cells, which are worsened by the looting and banditism due to the collapse of the law enforcement bodies. The DPR, despite the loud announcements about creating the KGB and SMERSH, is unable to secure its rear for now.

On the territory of the LPR the enemy, due to the complications in moving towards the Northern suburbs of Luhansk, is amplifying the artillery job, working against whole areas, moreover the main strike is directed not against the militia positions, but against living blocks. Obviously, such a tactic does not promise blitzkrieg – the militia holds their ground to the North of Luhansk.

On the border the junta continued trying to proceed to Izvarino, but not as persistently as during previous days – here it suffered the most heavy losses over the 4 days of the offensive, which is why, despite the advantage in forces, the offensive here ran out of steam somewhat and now the lack of the offensive spirit of the infantry is compensated with systematic work of the tubed artillery and the MRLS on the militia positions as well as with the sniper work and the reconnaissance and sabotage groups. Because in the Russian border areas militia accumulated some armor, including the captured T-64 tanks, then in the nearest days the junta will have problems achieving decisive success here – its military requires regrouping, rest, and pulling reserves.
In the South regions of the LPR, where the junta is trying to move to the border from the side of Azov, there is low intensity fighting, because the sides simply lack forces for carrying out large-scale operations.

Overall, on most locations the militia confidently repels the junta offensive, but on the key location the defense is already bending under pressure of the superior forces.

Original article: (in Russian)
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