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"Alive. Fight in recon squad"

An interesting interview of a person who fights in the very reconnaissance and sabotage groups, about which much is written, but the fighters from which rarely give interviews to the press.
The fighter from the text below, according to his words, serves as an automatic rifleman in the reconnaissance and sabotage group of the frontline intelligence.

"Alive. Fight in recon squad"

Alexander Grigorenko, who departed in the end of June to fight for militia in Ukraine, gave a short interview for "URA.Ru" through Facebook. In it the member of the youth parliament described where he is, how he lives, and with whom he has to fight.

- Alexander, where are you now?

- I am in Luhansk.

- What is happening there today?

- We are being shelled with artillery and mortars. There is trench warfare on the borders and in suburbs. It is the roughest in the vicinity of "Metallist" (the very settlement in which the NTV journalists Igor Kornelyuk and Anton Voloshin perished – note from the editor). The enemy is accumulating forces.

- What is Luhansk being shot with? Where are you exactly?

- Where I am exactly I can't tell, this is a secret. And they shoot at us from howitzers, including the self-propelled "Akatsiyas", and also from "Grads", mortars, and others. But they don't strike at the city yet. Mostly on our positions. But the "ukrs" have few rounds for the "Grads". For everything else they have enough. They shell daily and nightly. I fight in a reconnaissance and sabotage squad.

- ... and, of course, you are armed?

- Of course.

- Which tasks are posed, if this is not a secret?

- I am just an automatic rifleman. There is a wide variety of tasks.

- If it is a secret, then how would you evaluate the retreat of the [supreme commander of the military of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic] Mr. Strelkov into Donetsk?

- There is no tragedy in a retreat. Mr. Strelkov gave time for Donetsk and Luhansk to prepare for the defense. Luhansk used this time. Here there is robust military and civilian authority. Donetsk, I think, with the help from Mr. Strelkov will catch up.

- How are the civilians treat you (the militia fighters)?

- They treat us well. Moreover, more than a half of the militia are the locals. In truth, we are (especially the locals) a bit disappointed with the passivity of the population. The majority of men of conscription age don't fight for their city.

- Are there many Russians fighting?

- About a half. They treat us well. But we don't communicate with the population much. No time. We are fighting.

- We (that is, "URA.Ru") and, that means you, are tracked by the SBU. Our companion, the cossack ataman from Kurgan was detained on the border. Are you afraid that after a possible surrender there hunt will begin?

- There won't be any surrender. We will fight to the end. And we will win. The morale is high. From Moscow we expect help with weapons and specialists and equipment. Military intervention is expected, but nobody really believes in it. As for the SBU, then on my home ground in Perm, once I will come back, I can arrange a hunt for anybody by myself. Now I have the experience (smiles). Overall, I'm not afraid. I made my choice.

- Lets come back to Mr. Strelkov. Now he is criticized by people who are close to the Kremlin, like Sergey Kurginyan (earlier, the leader of the movement "Essence of time" arrived into Donetsk and unleashed a flow of criticism onto Mr. Strelkov, accusing him of abandoning people who are "now being massacred").

- Mr. Kurginyan, in order to get the right to criticize, has to first run through thick foliage away from the mortar shells, like I did.

- When did that happen?

- Yes. On the second day in Luhansk we shelled them with a mortar, and then we ran from their shells and then later we chased their SPG (self-propelled gun). On "their" territory.

- So you saw the face of your enemy?

- I saw it.

- Do you have body armor?

- No body armor. And in reconnaissance it is inconvenient. We have sabotage tactics. One way – strike the enemy with something and run away. Another – an ambush against the enemy's convoys. That is, we are the reconnaissance-sabotage group. We perform reconnaissance – and we strike.

– Were there a lot of missions already?

- Almost every day.

– Do you have instructors? Are they Russians? They say that the tactics of the reconnaissance and sabotage groups is taught by the chechens – they have a lot of experience with using "troikas" (automatic rifleman, sniper, grenadier).

- We don't have much in terms of instructors. We learn everything in practice. But there groups made of professionals. We exchange experience. And I don't serve in special forces. We are something of a frontline reconnaissance and sabotage group. Mixed content – both Russians and the Novorussians. – link (in Russian)

Original article: (in Russian)

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