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We Were the Last to Get Out

Few more details about the exit from Slavyansk. The interview of a person, whose squad covered the retreat of the main forces.

We Were the Last to Get Out

The Slavyansk militia under the command of Igor Strelkov, carried out a brilliant operation in order to pull out the military units from the occupied positions in the city of Slavyansk and its suburb village of Semenovka. But some people, who didn't risk their gut for a single day in our city are trying to disagree with such a formulation and to call the retreat of the militia "flight" or even "disgrace".

My friends told me, a participant of this operation, about the negative criticism in our direction from certain "politologists and analysts", especially – Mr. Kurginyan. They were sufficiently crazy in order to sound their "analyses" about certain agreement between Poroshenko and Strelkov to give up Slavyansk and Semenovka in exchange for the corridor for us.

The unit under my command was the last to get out from the destroyed Semenovka. Our group got the order after 00.15 (MSK) to burn the garrison headquarters, fuel, and lubricants, and destroy everything of value, which may fall into the enemy's hands and then retreat into the city of Kramatorsk. This order we had to carry out under mortar and artillery fire.

The situation exactly repeats the orders of the commanders of the Red Army in 1941. Along with this, even in a bad dream nobody can get the idea that the commanders of the Red Army negotiated with the Wehrmacht generals about the safe evacuation and retreat of military units. When we were passing through the Cherevkovka suburb of Slavyansk, small militia squads started to join our unit, which fell under the enemy artillery as a part of the convoy. This also proves the absurdity of the assumption about the agreement between Strelkov and Poroshenko, because breaching this agreement is a good reason to get back to defense, which is something that the same Poroshenko doesn't want so much.

Repeatedly our unit ran into Ukrainian checkpoints, firefights occurred in some places. Also, our convoys already far beyond Semenovka were shelled by heavy artillery, there were personnel losses, both dead and wounded.

Honestly speaking, now Mr. Kurginyan, about whom we earlier heard almost nothing, is called a dishonest person by everybody here.

Summarizing the results of the Slavyansk-Semenovka operation, we can safely appeal to the critics with the following facts:

1. Fewer than a hundred militia fighters arrived into Slavyansk to fight the Kiev junta, and more than two thousand departed it.
2. The Ukrainian army was unable to control the movement of the Slavyansk-Semenovka group.
3. The resources spent by the Ukrainian army for destroying the militia are colossal, and spent for nothing at that.
4. The experience obtained by the militia fighters in the combat in Semenovka–Slavyansk created a real combat unit out of the militia. Especially strong are our reconnaissance and sabotage groups, which are as strong as such groups any army.

I think that eventually the military experience of Strelkov fighters will be studied in higher military education institutions and will be used by the commanders for solving strategic tasks.

Deputy commander "Cedar" – link (in Russian)

Original article: (in Russian)

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