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Two Essential Points

I am asked to comment on two essential points.

1. In Kramatorsk on the city forum the local fifth column betrays people who are tied to the militia, it is especially notable when a brother gives up his sister to the fascists. (in Russian)

This is a vivid confirmation of the thesis that the war in Ukraine is primarily a civil war, when the fault line passes through the entire society and through whole families with the classical "brother against brother", which is perfectly described in Sholokhov's "And Quiet Flows he Don". The war in Donbass, with its national liberation nature, is only a part of this war, which goes on in all of Ukraine on the molecular level, ruining friendship connections, families, and the very fabric of the society, increasing the degree of violence and intolerance.
That is why there is nothing surprising in the fact that a brother betrays his sister in the conditions of a civil war – during civil wars this is exactly what happens, it is just that people cannot believe that they ended up in the middle of this horror, because the civil war from the point of view of the consequences for the society is one of the most horrible wars, when the restraints are fully removed and the atrocities are beyond any boundary.
On our side people are still trying to preserve their humanity, without arranging similar manhunts, but as the war is protracting, the transition to the tactic of total cleansing of the rear from the disloyal elements is a question of time, because all civil wars eventually reduce to mutual terror.
In Odessa people gradually start to recover and transition to the terror tactics (in Russian) against the occupiers. For a civil war this is natural, such people, even if they are not systemically organized, will wage their own small molecular war, killing those enemies whom they can reach or until they are killed themselves.

Things like mass shootings of children like in Syria or daily suicide attacks like in Iraq didn't happen yet, our people are a bit more civilized, but the atrocities of the war nevertheless tear the fragile film of civilization off the people. This is what we observe since the moment of the start of a coup in Kiev, which caused the civil war.

2. In the captured cities there is ongoing terror against the population. (in Russian) – shootings in Nikolayevka (the operative information from the militia about the execution of 20-25 residents of Nikolayevka was confirmed). (in Russian) – shootings in Slavyansk

In this there is nothing unexpected either, the fascists behave exactly as expected on the captured territory. It would be strange if it were otherwise. They will do the same in any captured city, which they will be able to take during combat or which the militia will abandon. Because the war in general has the nature of a civil war, the atrocities will match it.
Different wacko sectarians are yelling – Strelkov is to blame, he gave up the cities and this is why Strelkov killed the people. These cries are from the category of the same liberastic (N.B. the meaning of a synthetic word "liberastic" is a mixture of the meanings of "liberal" and "pederastic", this is an attempt to translate the Russian slang word "либерастический") characters who for 23 years since the collapse of the USSR kept yelling that Stalin is to blame for Babiy Yar (didn't hold the city), that Stalin is to blame for the blockade of Leningrad – didn't breach the blockade, guilty of extermination of the Minsk ghetto – took him too long to liberate Belorussia, and so on. In this respect, the current attempts to underwrite the crimes of fascists to Strelkov have an absolutely equivalent nature to the attempts to underwrite the crimes of Nazis to Stalin. In both cases people were killed by fascists precisely because for them this is natural and this is exactly how they behave with the population on the occupied territory. Those who try to shift the responsibility from them simply act in the interest of whitewashing fascists. Certain figures among these masqueraded liberasts (N.B. the meaning of a synthetic word "liberast" is a mixture of the meanings of "liberal" and "pederast", this is an attempt to translate the Russian slang word "либераст") revealed themselves perfectly lately, by using precisely the same tricks that were used by the liberals of the 90s-2000s in order to denigrate the Soviet past. In this respect the amusing sectarians of Mr. Kurginyan, who fully adopted the phraseology and the logic of Mr. Svanidze, are so to say the "opposites" which came together.

Overall, as combat is protracted and as conflict is further institutionalized, the number of victims will increase, and the terror of the fascists against the civilian population will take on increasingly savage and inhumane forms. No other recipes (other than the elimination of the fascism as a system) for stopping terror exist.

Original article: (in Russian)
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