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On Problems with Mr. Khodakovskyi

Alexander Dugin
As expected, Khodakovsky took up defensive positions at Makeev Coal building. The fighters who are loyal to Novorossia leave the "Vostok" battalion. Only the people close to Khodakovsky and the people from SBU remain behind him. This is a revolt against the DPR. Kurginyan was a part of the plan. One more trial. Igor Strelkov, stick it!

Earlier he wrote: "There is information that Khodakovsky refuses to participate in the defense of Donetsk and to obey Strelkov." – link (in Russian, there is also the online broadcast on "Voice of Sevastopol" of the events in Donetsk on 07/09). The information is confirmed by Novorossia agency (in Russian), which also adds its own remark – Military opposition to the republican command revealed a traitor and a provocateur in Mr. Khodakovsky.

PS. On the topic of Mr. Khodakovsky we inquired from our people in Donetsk, we are waiting for the confirmation.
It is interesting that when yesterday in his interview Strelkov mentioned the "Vostok" battalion, then he said that "Vostok" is fighting under Snezhnoye and fights well and the commander is well up. But he didn't say the name, if Mr. Khodakovsky indeed sits at the Makeev Coal, then this means that a different person leads the "Vostok" that actually fights.
Regarding Mr. Dugin himself, representing the "party of war" recently suffered for it – the monsters took away his chair in the university, furthermore he named Surkov (in Russian) as the main guilty party in his misadventures , whose course related to Mr. Akhmetov is precisely serviced by Mr. Kurginyan in Donetsk using the protection by people of Mr. Khodakovsky (the majority of whom now fights under Snezhnoye), which miraculously is closely linked to Mr. Akhmetov. It must be mentioned that the humanitarian aid that Mr. Kurginyan shipped into Donbass ended up exactly in Mr. Khodakovsky's hands.

As it turned out, (in Russian), the traces of Khodakovsky's people can be found in the story with a wounded militia fighter who tried to blame Strelkov. When the viewers noticed that the weird militia fighter and one of the people around Mr. Kurginyan wear the same coat.

Alan Mamiyev
The stupidity of the sofa army in all its glory! Interesting, do they really think that Ossetians and the Russians from Ukraine have the same accent? I gave him my coat, he didn't want to be filmed in his own, because on the same day he went back into Slavyansk for his wife. And he didn't want to be recognized. And the idiots from the sofa armies are trying to find incomprehensible analogies. More than a hundred people already transferred from Strelkov's squad into "Vostok". They think that they and their families were simply betrayed. And if somebody wants to explain something to them, then they are welcome in Donetsk, gentlemen suckers from the Internet! The post that cause my reaction is shown below.

After which the justifications followed, when the very fighter from the "Vostok" battalion (again, "Vostok") started to curse the sofa experts on the internet (which, considering the context with a sofa strategist is quite amusing) and argue that it was him who gave his coat to the strange militia fighter from Slavyansk, which makes all of these ridiculous justifications even more comical. More miraculous information and even more miraculous justifications lie ahead of us.

We are watching the development of this situation with great interest. If this trend continues, then it will be completely clear who lays the ground for dumping the DPR and for the "patriotic Maidan" in Moscow and Mr. Kurginyan will be one of the main actors, and more likely a pawn who services more important figures.

Kurginyan the provocateur in Donetsk.

PS. It is also worth mentioning that after the arrival of Mr. Strelkov into Donetsk several important objects on the city territory were sweepingly captured, including the plant for manufacturing explosives, as well as the operational reaction center of the local police. This is remarkable, especially in the light of today's announcements on the junta's resources, which say that the Donetsk police is waiting to be provided with weapons in order to fight the separatists. Why would such objects continue to function in Donetsk after 3 months since the uprising, is a purely rhetorical question. In this regard, the background of the lack of unblocking attacks on Slavyansk and the fate of the tank warehouse in Artyomovosk are also quite symptomatic.

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