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Pavel Gubarev's Interview, July 9th

The verbose interview of the "people's governor of Donetsk" Pavel Gubarev. He answered a number of palpitating questions. Regarding the situation with Strelkov's breakout into Donetsk, Mr. Gubarev clarified:

1. According to his data, Mr. Khodakovsky and his circle ran away from Donetsk into Makeevka and barricaded himself in the building of "Makeev Coal". A bit earlier this information with reference to sources among the militia was confirmed by (in Russian) Interfax. As it is reported, "Vostok" remains the only unit in the DPR that refuses to reports to Mr. Strelkov. Mr. Bezler reports to Strelkov 100%. "Oplot" reports to Strelkov. The "Kalmius" battalion reports to Strelkov. The Russian Orthodox Army reports to Bezler, who in his turn reports to Strelkov. Overall, the process of creating the united army of the DPR proceeds confidently.
2. Mr. Kurginyan should've been arrested, but he was protected by Mr. Khodakovsky's people on the ground of the center for rehabilitating drug addicts. The activity of Mr. Kurginyan – hostile and provocative, on the request of forces who wanted to dump the militia of Novorossia. Judging from the fact that today the provocateur was already broadcasting from Moscow, staying in Donetsk any further became dangerous for him, he could've been arrested or worse.

Pavel is doing well, he is growing as a politician, even though it is clear that not everything is easy for him. In general, his tandem with Strelkov is a good one.

More on Khodakovsky from the da-dzi, who is banned in LJ

Khodakovsky is in Makeevka: People leave for Strelkov
A trusted person is reporting:
"Our guys report from Makeevka. Khodokovsky emerged there, lied low on his base, some number of close people are with him, not more than fifty, the remaining Vostok leaves into Donetsk in groups. Without noise. Khodokovsky is not impeding."
The squad of Mr. Khodakovsky collapsed. People leave for Strelkov. Khodakovsky is afraid for his life – and rightly so. Betrayal, theft, sabotage, work for Akhmetov and the SBU – he won't be forgiven for.
P.S. Earlier I wrote that Mr. Khodakovsky was in Mariupol. I apologize – I mixed up and somehow confused Makeevka with Mariupol. Maybe from fatigue: – link (in Russian)

Plus from him as well on the topic of the connection between Mr. Kurginyan and the accomplice of Kolomoisky.

Anything that you would like to be concealed will be revealed: Mr Kurginyan and Mr. Korban

Anything that you would like to be concealed will be revealed: Mr. Kurginyan and Mr. Korban
So that you understand all nuances of the sneaky and cruel game against Novorossia, I'll add this message:
I was told: "A representative of Mr. Kurginyan arranged a meeting in Kharkov with Mr. Korban – in a warm and friendly setup. Already, effectively, best friends."
That is a certain representative of Mr. Kurginyan (my informant asked not to give out his name) discussed a meeting with Mr. Korban, the representative of Kolomoisky. On neutral ground in Kharkov.
This implies a number of quite gloomy things:
1) "Gepa" Kernes continues to serve Benya Kolomoisky, providing the neutral ground for talks.
2) The group of Kolomoisky, delegating Korban for this, seeks contacts with certain influential groups in Russia, who are represented by Kurginyan.
3) Certain forces, one of which is Kolomoisky, and another, the one behind Kurginyan, agreed that they want Mr. Strelkov dead. And Novorossia needs Strelkov alive! – link (in Russian)

UPD: I'll simply remind what Mr. Borodai said:
"Kurginyan, who came into Donetsk – is a provocateur and an agent of Kolomoisky," said Borodai. "Right now I am in Moscow, if we'll meet with him, then I'll smack his face really hard," – added Borodai.

PS. As I said in the material "On political underpinnings of Strelkov's harassment," by his coming into Donetsk, Strelkov destroyed the political ground for the collusion between the junta's representatives and the Akhmetovians. In the coming days the details of the surrender of Donetsk to the junta that was being prepared will continue to emerge.

Original article: (in Russian)
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