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Colonel Cassad (in English)

Bullhorn of Totalitarian Propaganda

03:41 am: "Renewal" of War
05:08 am: Results of July 1st Combat
05:54 am: "End" of USA Hegemony
01:00 am: Combat of July 2nd
02:00 am: Local Information
03:32 am: Results of July 2nd Combat
06:27 am: Situation Near Slavyansk as of July 3rd
06:46 am: Parade in Sevastopol
08:09 am: They Won't Stop on Slavyansk
08:45 am: Results of July 3rd Combat
09:46 am: Participation of USA and NATO in War in Ukraine and Russian Position
11:30 am: RAND Corporation Plan
11:30 am: Retreat  1 comment
11:40 am: Results of July 4th Fighting
12:00 pm: Population of DPR and LPR In The Zone Of Punitive Operation
01:00 pm: "Open Corridor"  3 comments
02:00 pm: Sorry, but We Didn't Die Under Slavyansk
03:00 pm: Situation as of July 6th
03:54 pm: Slavyansk. Die, but Another Day.
12:04 am: On Political Underpinnings of Strelkov's Harassment
12:58 am: "Alive. Fight in recon squad"
01:08 am: Battle for "Dolzhansky" Checkpoint
01:45 am: And Some We Kill...
03:21 am: We Were the Last to Get Out
06:21 am: On Donetsk Preparations in Defense
10:34 pm: Two Essential Points
11:21 pm: On Problems with Mr. Khodakovskyi
11:36 pm: State Department On The Line
12:29 am: Revealed By IP
01:15 am: Pavel Gubarev's Interview, July 9th
04:55 am: Situation in Donbass as of July 10th
08:50 pm: Threat for Crimea
10:15 pm: Cleaning Political Trash
01:26 am: Gift for the Night
01:41 am: Naziguard at Rest
02:31 am: Fighting for Saur-Mogila
04:03 am: Capturing Regional Police Office in Donetsk
04:33 am: Routing 24-th Brigade Under Zelenopolye
04:48 am: Routing Iraqi 9-th Armored Division
06:00 am: Junta Offensive: Intermediate Conclusions
01:15 am: Murder of Civilians in Donetsk
04:39 am: Development of Situation in Zone of Punitive Operation, July 9 – 12
02:57 am: Mechanized Convoy of Militia in Luhansk
03:26 am: Fighting for Airport
01:00 pm: After Fighting in Lutugino
02:00 pm: Unfortunate Position
01:00 am: Bulat Now Is Not The Same It Used To Be
05:19 am: Fighting in Donbass, July 13-14
05:41 am: "Tactical" Retreat
08:00 am: Mechanized Convoy of DPR in Yenakiyevo
08:32 am: Summary From "Ghost" Batallion
10:53 pm: Problem with "Volunteers"
11:12 pm: There Are Only 400 Of Us Left Out Of Almost 800
11:15 pm: Yalta Scrapyard
11:36 pm: Good News from Donbass
12:07 am: Growing Catastrophe
02:31 am: Call from Encirclement
04:31 am: Junta Defeat on LPR Territory  9 comments
09:37 pm: General Schwalb Looking Out for "Military Surplus Store"
09:47 pm: News From The Border
10:06 pm: News from Occupied Territories
10:10 pm: Fighting in Donbass – Evening of 07/16
10:25 pm: Disintegration of South Cauldron
10:56 pm: Hail in Gukovo
11:14 pm: Capture of Marinovka
05:16 am: On Political Perspectives of Novorossia
06:56 am: Fighting in Donbass, July 16–17
07:05 am: Heroes Don't Die!
10:32 pm: So that ground would burn for 5 meters or so
11:03 pm: Mechanism of Provocation
11:06 pm: Attack on Stepanovka
11:14 pm: About Truce
11:22 pm: Statement of junta losses for July 9–15
11:34 pm: Deconstruction of Consciousness
11:48 pm: Junta War Crimes – Luhansk 07/18
02:19 am: What happened in Donbass last night
01:46 am: Situation in Donbass – Evening of 07/19
07:12 am: Mozgovoi on fighting under Lisichansk
12:00 pm: On situation in Luhansk airport
12:11 pm: What Strelkov is "sad" about
12:59 pm: Borodai press-conference, July 20th
01:46 pm: Situation on the DPR front lines by evening 07/20
02:39 pm: Sevastopol Residents Defending LPR
03:25 am: Aggravation of Situation near Debaltsevo
06:32 pm: Problems of Provocateurs
02:56 am: DPR Tanks during Fighting for Donetsk
04:44 am: Ukrainian Army Kills People
04:54 am: Fascist Junta Banned Communist Party
05:35 am: Totalitarian Consciousness of "Free Europeans"
06:14 am: Struggle Against Russian Goods
06:03 pm: Murder of a communist
09:03 am: Strelkov on fighting of July 22-23 and retreat from Lisichansk
09:21 am: Rout of the 79-th brigade
09:36 am: Yatsenyuk's Resignation and Dissolution of Verkhovnaya Rada
09:49 am: Local Hell under Zelenopolye
11:39 am: The End of "Just Hohol"
08:07 am: Horrors of the 72nd brigade
08:48 am: Permanent Mobilization
08:49 am: Reached State Border
09:10 am: News from "military surplus store"
09:11 am: Advantages of Mobile Warfare
09:14 am: Threat of Terror Acts and NATO Military Intervention
03:11 pm: Ukraine 2015
03:24 pm: On Atrocities of Russian Militarizm
04:37 pm: News from Cauldrons
06:08 pm: Colonel Pushenko's Mail
12:13 pm: Situation in Donbass by July 27th
01:50 pm: Moments of War
05:53 pm: Things Are Getting Hot
05:57 pm: "Work" of Ukrainian Artillerists
11:13 pm: Priority Target
04:00 am: Attempt to Encircle Donetsk
05:36 am: Everybody to Maidan!
06:06 pm: Mass Shootings in Iraq
04:07 pm: End of July Activity
01:13 am: Fighting for Shakhtyorsk, July 29-30
07:12 pm: There is a category of people who have to be simply killed (c) Butkevich