July 3rd, 2014

NKVD Officer

Combat of July 2nd

After yesterday's reconnaissance in force, on July 2nd afternoon, the junta continued its slow advance in a number of locations on the front lines. And if on the border the junta wasn't particularly successful today (during fighting in the vicinity of Krasnodon the militia seized http://lenta.ru/news/2014/07/02/seize/ 2 tanks and 1 APC from the junta), then the advance near Slavyansk led to some results. After massive preliminary bombardment, the punitive troops managed to capture Nikolayevka and Slavyansk today ended up in complete operational encirclement. If the current situation continues without an external blockade-lifting strike, the defeat of Strelkov's group will become just a matter of time – they will simply run out of ammunition, the city will start having serious problems with drugs, food, and water.
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NKVD Officer

Local Information

Confirmed information arrived from the combat zone, therefore briefly.

1. Today there was very heavy combat near Izvarino – the militia lost 10-12 dead and up to 30 wounded, the junta lost up to 40 men dead and several dozens wounded, 3 APCs were burned. The militia held their ground today too, they expect continuation tomorrow.
2. The main direction of the junta's military strike is determined – this is Slavyansk-Kramatorsk, that is where the main strike will be directed, the most battle-ready units and the most powerful tubed and rocket artillery fist are assembled there, which will be used for crushing the defense of Slavyansk. On other locations the artillery is used mostly for terrorist shelling in order to cause panic and mass exodus of the population
3. "Hurricanes" (i.e., the BM-27 Uragan) are used systemically. The bombardments are orchestrated by people in civilian clothing who represent the "Right Sector" and Mr. Kolomoisky. They are paid 1700 dollars for one day of "work". The military are their subordinates.
4. In the vicinity of "Schastye" there are up to 150 poles and about 50 lithuanians acting. These actions are coordinated by the deputy minister of defense of Poland. More details are promised in a few days.
5. The information about Mr. Khodakovsky is confirmed by our sources, he received money from Akmetov and the Ukrainians.

Original article: http://colonelcassad.livejournal.com/1644686.html (in Russian)
NKVD Officer

Situation Near Slavyansk as of July 3rd

As it was said yesterday, http://cassad-eng.livejournal.com/13107.html, Slavyansk became the direction of the main strike of the junta  today.
Yesterday, using large-scale preliminary bombardment and by large-scale application of armor they managed to cut off Nikolayevka, effectively cutting the Strelkov's group communications, which ended up in operational blockade. Today an assault is directed against a garrison in Nikolayevka, which is supposed to be final – there is very difficult battle going on. Actually, the junta's tactic during fighting for the suburbs of Slavyansk is fairly simple – the Strelkov's group, which is forced to defend the outskirts is attempted to be divided with armor attacks and to be destroyed in parts.
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NKVD Officer

Parade in Sevastopol

On the background of the deteriorating situation under Slavyansk, the junta appointed a new minister of defense, Mr. Geletey, who promised to hold a "victory parade in Sevastopol".

As it was already said in comments for the American bill No. 2277, the conflict for Ukraine is not exhausted with the situation in Donbass. If the front lines in Donbass collapse, then the junta will simply reach the border, seal it up, and establish a stiff occupation regime on the occupied territory, after which a significant portion of mobilized forces will be directed to Perekop, where, with the information support from the USA, which will threaten the Kremlin with sanctions, provocations will be carried out, which may include attempts to move through the border "into the Ukrainian territory". In this case, even if the thought that the "clever plan" exists and its goal is to prevent the Russian involvement in the war, then there is no problem with that – one attempt of the Naziguard to pass Perekov will bring the desired outcome. But, of course, before that the junta certainly needs to drown Donbass in blood, which is what we now see. For now, the bellicose declaration on the topic of Crimea is more likely to signify intentions and perspectives, rather than point to the immediate threat. It must be plainly understood that everything doesn't end in Donbass and, in the case of the DPR defeat, Crimea will be the next hot point.

The junta has no military perspective of returning Crimea, which is why the pressure on Crimean topic will be combined – military provocations and political and economic pressure from the USA. For the Americans this situation is actually a "win-win" – in any case they gain in some way or another. The junta is just a bargaining material here, it will pay in its own blood for somebody else's game.

Original article: http://colonelcassad.livejournal.com/1645729.html (in Russian)