July 16th, 2014

NKVD Officer

Junta Defeat on LPR Territory

So, by yesterday's evening the defeat of the junta groups which were advancing on Luhansk and Izvarino, and also the degradation of the South cauldron, became obvious to everybody.
In essence the offensive that started on July 1st and which had decisive goals concluded with a significant defeat, which has a number of signs of a catastrophe. A portion of forces ended up in an operational encirclement and with severed communications. Instead of a united front, the junta forces currently exist as a number of scattered and weakly coordinated groups, which perform some tactical operations which are weakly connected with the joint plan of closing the border and of surrounding Luhansk.Collapse )
NKVD Officer

News From The Border

Operative information from the border of the Russian Federation and the LPR.

1. Indeed, the 2 Russian paratroopers were killed. And not by shelling from the other side of the border. The group of Ukrainian militants (presumably, the Right Sector or the Naziguard) ended up on the Russian Federation territory (it is not known whether it was occasional or intentional) and opened fire on the paratroopers who were stationed at the border, 2 of whom were killed. During the retreat from the Russian territory the militia fighters worked on the attackers, the majority of the attackers were killed. Certain details were asked not to be disclosed for now, but overall the perpetrators were punished and are now equalizing their body temperature with that of the ground.

2. Near Gukovo the Russian side was shelled again (mortars, and presumably the partial packets of MLRS), there is no information about casualties yet, a portion of people were evacuated (there is a refugee camp there right next to the border), monitors note, that 20 first aid cars and ambulances moved into the area that was shelled, which presumes that there are victims. These attacks have no military significance, of course, the powerless anger of the punitive troops who are suffering defeat is quite symptomatic, considering that there's not much time left for them to remain at the border.

Original article: http://colonelcassad.livejournal.com/1672648.html (in Russian)
NKVD Officer

Fighting in Donbass – Evening of 07/16

07/16 18:00 MSK Saur Mogila. The AFU (Armed Forces of Ukraine) soldiers dressed in civilian clothing, those who don't have it are in underwear and rush toward the Russian border.

Heavy fighting continues on the territory of the DPR and the LPR, the enemy is desperately trying to get out of the quite difficult situation in which it ended up over the last days.Collapse )