July 17th, 2014

NKVD Officer

On Political Perspectives of Novorossia

The rout of the South junta group http://cassad-eng.livejournal.com/27950.html and the retreat of the junta from Izvarino, Krasnodon, and Luhansk makes it possible to discuss the question of the future of the DPR and the LPR more substantively.
Despite the fact that more than 3 months passed after the start of the active phase of the rebellion, there is no absolute clarify in what exactly will be created on the territory of the rebellious Donbass. All participants of the process perfectly understand that the DPR and the LPR are temporary formations, which need to transform into something. And the question of what is it exactly that they will transform into is not as trivial as it may seem.Collapse )
NKVD Officer

Heroes Don't Die!

When for about an hour the coffin with the body of Valeriya Novodvorskaya was taken from the parting hall and was being carried into the car, the people started to clap. As the car was departing from the Sakharov center under applause and the chorus chanting "Heroes don't die!"

Somebody was still running with flowers, trying to catch up with Novodvorskaya.

I'm flustered, did anybody actually catch up with the heroine?

Original article: http://colonelcassad.livejournal.com/1675283.html (in Russian)