July 20th, 2014

NKVD Officer

Mozgovoi on fighting under Lisichansk

Today they continued to fire at the refinery... a large group of armor was stopped on its frontiers. A tank, an IFV, and two trucks with ammunition packages for the "GRAD" vehicle were destroyed...
  ​For Ukrainian army this is minor losses, about which they won't even speak. As for us, we lost as many guys today as ever. The fighters didn't retreat a step from their fortified point! They stood to the last, but didn't let the tank convoy in. With the kind of weapons we have... they were only left to perish. Out of ten RPGs only three worked!!! There's nothing else we can oppose to tanks! Where are those convoys that go into Luhansk, into Donetsk??? Where's that artillery, about which they so joyfully write on the internet??? Where are those tanks, videos of which litter the spaces of internet communities??? Where is all of this? Whose asses are protected by all this equipment???
  Today I lost almost a whole platoon... the guys were simply crushed by tanks. We couldn't even collect the bodies, and the wounded – they were finished off by the national guardsmen. After this I am myself half dead. But I swear! If I will survive, I will force to stand on their knees those who PR on this conflict and build their political future! I will force suffering on those who makes their living on the lives of guys who perish for truth!!!


This goes to the question of insufficient aid in heavy armor, about which Strelkov wrote numerously.
Of course even now there will be idiots who will start a plaintive song about "Mozgovoi is sad", but a fact is a fact, the gap in heavy weapons between the junta and the militia remains huge. The militia are unable to cover all directions with anti-tank means, tanks, and artillery.

Original article: http://colonelcassad.livejournal.com/1682386.html (in Russian)