July 22nd, 2014

NKVD Officer

Ukrainian Army Kills People

In the Verkhovnaya Rada after passing a decision about the partial mobilization (which along with the growth of the group on the border with Crimea implies war and soon), an MP from the party of "stable looting" Mr. Levchenko dared to hint that in Donbass the junta army kills regular people. The reaction of fascists is quite remarkable, the culprit's ass was kicked, stripped of the right to speak, and started the procedure of expelling from the hall.Collapse )
NKVD Officer

Fascist Junta Banned Communist Party

You can scold the CPU (i.e., the Communist Party of Ukraine) and Simonenko all you want for their opportunism and conciliation with the capital, but the question here is that a ban on the communist ideology, symbols, and other attributes of class struggle of fascism against the communist ideology and its representatives will follow. If the small marginal left parties and cells, the general meaning of whose actions can be reduced to fighting the CPU, think that this will pass them, then they are mistaken, they will be next. The fascists absolutely don't care who cites Marx more precisely and who blames their counterparts in opportunism more furiously, they will cleanse everyone.Collapse )