July 26th, 2014

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Horrors of the 72nd brigade

Even that which manages to percolate into the open sources from the cauldron speaks about huge losses in personnel and equipment. The notorious 72-nd brigade altogether became a symbol of the catastrophe in the South Donbass.
2 representative videos are shown below. First a description from those who are located in the cauldron and then a temper tantrum in Kiev about what is happening.Collapse )
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News from "military surplus store"

On the topic of the quite annoying questions about the "military surplus store".

Yesterday the colleagues were returning from the border after transferring yet another shipment of the humanitarian cargo for the embattled Novorossia, which were organized through the Information and Analytical Center "Cassad" and through the "Voice of Sevastopol". On their way they recorded an interesting movement in the Rostov area (as it is clarified, in the area of Novocherassk). A massive mechanized convoy is on its way to the border (APC with infantry on the armor, covered trucks, staff cars, various auxiliary equipment), which by preliminary estimates stretched over 10 kilometers.Collapse )
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Advantages of Mobile Warfare

Advantages of mobile warfare.

The civil war in the South-East for the right of national self-determination of the Russian people is a subject of discussions not only by the commentators who have experience of covering military action. Advices on organizing militia and the opposing forces are given by numerous "sofa" strategists. It is not easy to sort out this flow of opinions. The ideas which originally appeared laughable, like the idea of using "technicals" suddenly attain a new meaning under the conditions of post-industrial warfare.Collapse )
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Threat of Terror Acts and NATO Military Intervention

Since the comments and the personal messages were deluged with requests to spread the word, then here is a separate post for the video by Guryanov (lately he ran away from Kurginyan and already managed to http://cassad.net/tv/videos/497/16-2014/ (in Russian) expose the Moscow provocateur), where he warns about the high probability of terror acts on the territory of the occupied Ukraine. The terror acts will be organized by Avakov and Co., with an understandable goal of framing the militia and the Russian Federation.Collapse )