July 29th, 2014

NKVD Officer

Everybody to Maidan!

Maidan Ukraine @MaydanUA - July 24
Everybody to Maidan! August First! Against Poroshenko!

Copy the picture and put it on your page.
Rally against Petr Poroshenko!
We chose him, but he didn't do anything over all this time!
All money that we collected together with you for the army were lost and he is responsible!
Because of his inaction we lose our Ukraine!
Poroshenko didn't spend a single hryvna for the army even though he is worth 2 billions dollars!
Where are the 4.5 billion dollars that the EU gave us, were are these money now?
Poroshenko is responsible for the failure of the war, how many planes and tanks were destroyed!
How many of our guys perished because of him?! Poroshenko cannot do anything!
His 5th channel lies every day that there are victories but all of these is lies!
Friends, enough lies from Poroshenko! He steals our money! He betrayed all of us!
For him money is more important than the lives of our soldiers who perished.
We and you together will elect a new president! We don't need thieves and oligarchs!
Copy this picture and put it on your page!
We and you together have to save our country while it is still not to late!
God is with us! Glory to Ukraine!

Yes! More trash and hangover. Only Maidan, only hardcore!

Original article: http://colonelcassad.livejournal.com/1700568.html (in Russian)