August 26th, 2014

NKVD Officer

Two parades

Vladimir Kornilov

Of course, all of us can have different opinions on the yesterday's prisoner parade in Donetsk. But it is a matter of fact that the front pages of today's world press are mostly dedicated to the parade in Donetsk and not to the one in Kiev.

This is how the victories in information war are done. It was enough to show a few prisoners and march them where it was needed and the junta's holiday was hopelessly spoiled.

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NKVD Officer

Official Summary for August 25

Semen Semenchenko (commander of the Donbas pro-government militia unit)
To the minister of defense of Ukraine, Valeriy Geletey.
To the ATO(Anti-Terrorist Operation)* command. Despite the numerous warnings about the situation that is currently unfolding in sector B, despite the information from yesterday and today about the tank breakthrough from sector D and also from the border with the Russian Federation, from the area of Mospino, the situation with sending us additional units of the UAF(Ukraine Armed Forces) was never resolved. Currently it is necessary to stop the retreat of the units that up until now covered our rear, those units that report to your HQ, from the area of Kuteynikovo-Starobeshevo, to return the artillery and to perform a massive counterattack into the area [of the breakthrough], and to use armored vehicles in this attack. You do have these forces. If this won't get done and the situation will continue to deteriorate, I reserve the right to interpret the lack of activity of the UAF leadership in the most negative light. If needed – you personally must stand with a pistol on the road and take control of the situation. Act, finally, act!
P.s. Please forgive me. I cannot write what exactly is happening right now. You are not the only one reading this.

Official summary of the situation from the DPR, as of August 25th
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About "workers of the military surplus store"

Translation: "We are not jumping." (n.b., a reference to the Euromaidan's "Whoever's not jumping is a Moskal" meme).

In the last week, on the background of persistent cries of the junta that it is not fighting the militia but that it is fighting the Russian Army, the standard questions from uncomprehending characters intensified : "Is what the junta says true?", "And where is T-90 coming from? '"And where is "BTR 82-A" coming from?", "How did the new grenade launchers end up there?" "And who are the fascists showing in their clips?"
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Toy Soldiers of Novorossia

Well, it turns out that the quirky entrepreneurs hustled and already released toy soldiers inspired by the war in Novorossia. The topic is definitely hot and I think that this will work fairly well as a gift.
In the childhood I collected soldiers (perhaps at some point I'll gather the strength to go through the stocks and put them up in a single post), if speaking of quality, then the collection is so-so, although the characters are selected well in general. Motorola in a spherical helmet, Bezler in a sailor's striped vest, and Mozgovoi in a cap standing on the IFV are clearly missing.Collapse )
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Talks in Minsk

The long expected negotiations with the participation of the Russian Federation, the junta leadership, and the EU started in Minsk. There's nobody from the USA. Bargaining on the topic of the future of Donbass is expected to happen during the talks. The defeats of the junta on the fronts in the recent days make the positions of the junta and its masters in the bargain with the Russian Federation significantly more difficult.Collapse )
NKVD Officer

The South Front Catastrophe

Currently, we are witnessing epic and even historic events. Government army and punitive battalions are suffering a catastrophic defeat to the south of Donetsk. Even a short time ago the republics were in dire straits: the DPR was actually hanging by a thin supply thread - which the government attempted to cut near Shahtersk and Krasnyi Luch; the summit of Saur-Mogila was abandoned, and Bolotov's counteroffensive didn't bring decisive successes. Many thought that the self-defense militia forces were on the ropes and about to break, which would lead to the collapse of Novorossiya and military victory for the fascist junta. However, the militia managed to withstand the most severe blows, the ones junta dealt with all forces available to it, over the first half of August.
The junta made no secret of their goals, and openly spoke about preparing the assaults on Shahtersk and Lugansk. The number of triumphant reports with each new new breakthrough of mechanized battlegroups was off the charts.
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