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Cleaning Political Trash

In Donetsk today the quarrels continued, which started after the return of Strelkov into Donetsk.
Besides the departure of Mr. Khodakovsky into Makeevka (in Russian), the flight of Mr. Kurginyan into Moscow, the start of active combat (in Russian) against the Donetsk airport and the retreat of the junta's forces by 10 kilometers from Donetsk, (in Russian), the question of backstage deals behind the backs of militia was touched, which made it necessary to arrange a separate press-conference in which Mr. Strelkov  (as a military leader of the DPR) and Mr. Borodai (as a political leader of the DPR) took part, in order to finally clean the political trash which interferes with preparing Donetsk for the defense.


On Kurginyan, Akhmetov, and Kolomoisky

1. Mr. Kurginyan was completely dumped and, on the background of laughing from Mr. Rogozin, Rykov, and Sharansky over the old fart, was branded as a support of the junta and offered to depart in the direction of the positions of the Bander-logs. Mr. Strelkov resignedly complained that Mr. Kurginyan first allowed himself "impolite utterances" and later was frightened to come and talk to Strelkov, being afraid that something might happen to him there. According to the statement by Mr. Borodai, it was precisely Mr. Strelkov who didn't allow Mr. Kurginyan to be arrested, even though Mr. Borodai had such intent, because the behavior of Mr. Kurginyan resembled aiding enemy propaganda.

This is channeling the dissatisfaction onto Mr. Kurginyan of sorts, which blanches over the contacts with Mr. Akhmetov's representatives that were revealed during Mr. Strelkov's return and the murky story with Kolomoisky's contacts. Being on line with "our man in Kremlin" (i.e., with Mr. Surkov) (in Russian), Mr. Borodai started to cut off the scandalous situation, trying to present the state of affairs as if what had happened was a private temper tantrum of Mr. Kurginyan's, saying, that the Mr. Kurginyan's customers don't sit in the Kremlin, but to the West of Kremlin, hinting either at Washington or at Kiev and Dnepropetrovsk.

De-facto, the talks with Mr. Akhmetov's representatives on creating the new Transnistria at some moment took on a double nature and attained a mirror variant related to the surrender of Donetsk to the junta (from here are the numerous rumors since the moment of the start of the offensive on July 1st that the active phase of the offensive will end no later than July 12th, moreover even Mr. Strelkov himself said that no later than July 12th the DPR and the LPR will be routed (in Russian) on the background of the information on the Banderovite resources that Donetsk will be taken but not Luhansk), when people of Mr. Akhmetov started to probe the ground on the subject of agreements with the junta. Because they started to directly discredit not only Mr. Surkov, but also the Kremlin, all consequences of the scandal were dumped onto Mr. Kurginyan, who is now portrayed as a complete and utter idiot, who placed his own sect into the toilet and pressed the flush button with his own hand. Such is life, they humped him and dumped him, but who can believe in the independence of Mr. Kurginyan's actions?

Who precisely was it with whom the defeatists corresponded on the junta's side is not clearly known, for now only the last name of Mr. Kolomoisky's deputy Mr. Korban surfaced, with whom a representative of Mr. Kurginyan met. Mr. Kurginyan actually had prior connections with Mr. Kolomoisky, that is why he could've been the intermediate link in the backstage negotiations between the representatives of Mr. Akhmetov and Mr. Kolomoisky who were preparing the surrender of the city. All appearances suggest the Donetsk Mayor Mr. Lukyanchenko (on whom the remnants of Ukrainian authorities in Donetsk were locked up – which upon the arrival of Mr. Strelkov into Donetsk started to be forcefully cleansed) was also involved in the conspiracy, he shuttled into Kiev for "consultations" and who will likely have to leave, although by the words of Mr. Borodai they are not going to execute him.

It must be clarified that besides the panic in Donetsk, after the return of Mr. Strelkov weird processes began in the opposite side – the resignations started in the leadership of the punitive operation. Mr. Poroshenko suddenly asked for truce, the junta's experts started to broadcast that under Slavyansk they missed victory and the assault on Donetsk will be difficult if at all possible and meanwhile the large-scale attack on Kolomoisky began, when he started to be thrown shit on the junta's TV in the style of the Russian NTV to utter bewilderment of those who jumped on Maidan.

Overall, this scandal effectively put an end to the attempts of surrendering Donetsk and to preserve Mr. Akhmetov's positions there, the war will be continued and it means that Mr. Akhmetov's empire will be definitely over. And of course the scandal buried Mr. Kurginyan, who will certainly continue to flounder with his pseudopods, attempting to whitewash himself, but these will be convulsions of a political corpse. In my memory, this was one of the roughest political suicides.

Moscow after these events urgently strengthened its positions in the DPR leadership, adding the former state security minister of Transnistria Mr. Antyufeev to Mr. Borodai, who, being the citizen of the Russian Federation in the title of lieutenant general, was called either to help cut off the scandal by cleaning shit after Surkov's people or to figure out what really happened in Donetsk on the scene. Taking the obvious links of this man to the "bloody KGB" (in Russian), the second case is more likely. Considering the position of the "first vice-premier on martial questions", he, besides cleaning up what happened, apparently will help to set up undivided authority and imposing order. Overall, this urgent appointment also became a direct consequence of the arrival of Mr. Strelkov into Donetsk.

On undivided authority

2. The commander council in the nearest time will start to act. The commanders report to Mr. Strelkov. Shaking Mr. Strelkov's positions as a supreme commander wasn't successful, which is why the hasty informational attack failed – only Mr. Kurginyan and his sectarians continue to cavort, while the tagged in it Bagirov and Fitzmorgen precipitously distanced themselves from the badly smelling story which threw a shadow onto the Kremlin. The joint military staff of Novorossia will be formed for the DPR and the LPR. Who will lead it is not currently known.
Overall, here the work proceeds in the right direction, after 3 months of actual sabotage, the work began on building the real army of the DPR. It is absolutely obvious that if Mr. Strelkov wouldn't come into Donetsk, nobody would work on this even now. As it is not difficult to notice, nobody among the significant warlords supported the temper tantrum of Mr. Kurginyan and Co. on the topic of abandoning Slavyansk. The overwhelming majority of military specialists spoke out about the propriety of Mr. Strelkov's actions and the tactically literate nature of his actions during breaking out from the blockade.

On "Vostok" and Mr. Khodakovsky

3. The "Vostok" battalion at this time is a part of the forces of the state security of the DPR and is only operationally subordinated to the militia staff, i.e., it does not report to him directly. It is locked on the Ministry of State Security of the DPR, which is led by Mr. Khodakovsky himself, but because the "Vostok" battalion carries out, according to the words of Mr. Borodai, front line duties, Mr. Khodakovsky will perform his duties effectively separately from the "Vostok" battalion, who is operationally subordinated to Mr. Strelkov. Therefore, it can be stated that an agreement was reached with Mr. Khodakovsky that he will give up leadership of "Vostok" to Mr. Strelkov and in return he will be informationally covered from the growing accusations of treason, from here follows the attempt to disavow Mr. Gubarev's and Mr. Purgin's (Mr. Strelkov was even forced to defend Mr. Gubarev from the angry Mr. Borodai)  announcement, even though effectively after the events of the last two days Mr. Khodakovsky was virtually relieved of commanding "Vostok". The reasons for the very probable agreement are quite understandable – the risk of forceful clash in Donetsk between groups of Khodakovsky and Strelkov was quite high, apparently they chose the lesser evil, even though it is obvious that the trail of accusations of Mr. Khodakovsky won't disappear anywhere. For now everything was underwritten as some "collisions" and "arguments", which caused the operational change in subordination of "Vostok" to Mr. Strelkov. From Strelkov's announcements it follows that he couldn't find common ground with Mr. Khodakovsky for now, but it is quite possible that he will find it.

Overall, the move of Mr. Strelkov into Donetsk led to an abrupt break of all prior combinations and already caused qualitative change in the DPR, and also triggered confusion in the junta leadership. The Donetsk and the DPR will fight, Mr. Strelkov will be the head of the defense of the republic, on whom the outcome of this war will largely depend. It would be desirable if this dirt, which was uncovered in Donetsk, was finished off with sooner and more coherent fighting against the common enemy would begin. Personally, I hope that this is precisely how it will be.

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