cassad_eng (cassad_eng) wrote,

Gift for the Night

The MRLS BM-21 "Grad" in the quantity of 2 work against the junta's positions in the Donetsk airport.

As it was said somewhat earlier, after retreating into Donetsk, Strelkov will obtain a wider access to various combat equipment, including to the still not very numerous artillery and the MRLS, which completely changes the situation on the tactical level, and with proper quantity, the situation will change on the operational level as well.

The battle continues, the militia continue to shell the junta's positions and try to solve the problem of taking the airport.

We wish successful battle to the fighters. It is immediately clear that with Mr. Strelkov's arrival the war will become more serious.

PS. Plus the video of the yesterday's battle in Kurakhovo.

Original article: (in Russian)
Tags: donetsk, dpr, strelkov, war in ukraine

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