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Routing 24-th Brigade Under Zelenopolye

Under Zelenopolye by the way of MLRS BM-21 "Grad" the militia essentially destroyed the joint group of the 24-th mechanized brigade of the junta. The pictures of the rout have a truly apocalyptic nature, reminiscent of the broken convoys of Werhmacht from the times of World War II.

The punitive troops came to fight their own people from the Lvov region, from the deployed there 24-th motorized brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. One of the first who broadcasted this information was the so-called centurion of "Maidan" Vladimir Parasyuk. He announced that among the attacked was his friend. The last thing that the "brother" of Parasyuk could say on the phone was that there are significant human losses: the attackers used the multiple rocket launcher "Grad". "A lot of dead and wounded. No connection, everything burned out. There is no help coming," – cites Parasyuk the words of his friend.
The Ukrainian media confirm the information and give preliminary data about the dead – 30 people. The head of the ministry of defense of the DPR Igor Strelkov announced: "I confirm. The convoy is routed "into bits and pieces".

Meanwhile there is confirmation for the information that appeared at about 13:00 about the encirclement of the South group of the Ukrainian military, which with a large number of tanks, other armor, and artillery moved for more than 60 kilometers along the border, leaving in its rear the narrow "strait" between the mountain Saur-Mogila and the Russian border – no more than 7-8 kilometers. The militia fighters constantly bother the punitive troops with raids and landmine war. All supply convoys of the Ukrops ended up in plain view before the militia – in clear weather it is possible to see even the Azov sea from the Saur-mogila, to which there is 90 kilometers. – link (in Russian)

Plus they announce about heavy losses in the 79-th brigade.

79 brigade, effectively nothing whole left.
The fire was opened from the Russian territory with Grads.

Under Luhask Zelenopolye there is ongoing battle, the Ukrainian military are asking for help, said the wife of the officer of the 24th motorized brigade (Yavorov district, Lvov region).

According to her, about 14.00 her husband called her, who survived during the rafale, says UNIAN.

He said that the shelling started at 4.40 in the morning, that as a result the whole camp of the military is destroyed, more than 50 people are killed, more than a 100 wounded. A part of the military vehicles and ammunition burned.

Also, referring to the words of her husband, she said that the convoy with the wounded, which was sent from the routed camp, fell under fire from the militants, is currently fighting and the surviving armor was sent to it. At the same time a part of the convoy returned back into the camp.

"They really need reinforcements and help!" – said the wife of the officer, addressing journalists with a request to deliver this information to the leadership of the military operation and of the state.

Earlier the commander of the militia Igor Strelkov announced that the militia on Friday morning under Zelenopolye in Luhansk region routed a convoy of Ukrainian military.

The information about the convoy was also broadcasted by one of the Maidan centurions Vladimir Parasyuk. Later the acting president of the executive committee of Kirovograd regional organization of the UDAR party Konstantin Polyakov said about 50 dead and 150 wounded. – link (in Russian)

As it was said a bit earlier, the availability of the artillery and of the MLRS creates new possibilities for the militia on the tactical level, to which the junta apparently was unprepared.
The militia are frankly pleasing us with the offensive impulse during the last few days.

PS. They are clarifying that the 24-th and the 79-th brigades were attacked (from here follows the discordance in the determination of the destroyed unit), and the number of dead may exceed 100 men (there are even estimates of 300 killed, but there are no confirmations yet).

The folk painters already mapped the horrible rout in "painting".

Original article: (in Russian)
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