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Bolsheviks Bomb Brest and Minsk

Translation: Bolsheviks bomb Brest and Minsk and blatantly lie that the German army did it
Wehrmacht does not shoot at civilians

At the Western border of USSR, bolsheviks started shooting the housing blocks in Brest and Minsk in order to discredit the German servicemen. As the reichsminister of the people's eduction and propaganda Joseph Goebbels announced, bolsheviks fulfill their plans to use mortar shells, writes Volkisher Beobachter. "Currently there is firing at the town of Brest, bolsheviks also shoot at Minsk, including the housing blocks and the downtown. This is how bolsheviks try to discredit the Wehrmacht, saying that it is the German soldiers who fire at the housing blocks, the downtown of Brest," – said Goebbels.

In this issue: Bolsheviks mined all roads and railroads in Minsk.

Wehrmacht precision strikes are directed only at bolshevik army bases, their fortifications.

In the race of blatant lying Ukrainian fascists are well ahead of Dr. Goebbels propagandists. 
Tags: fascism, goebbels, humor, propaganda, ukraine
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