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Fighting for Airport

According to the preliminary information, the Luhansk airport was actually captured, the attack of two mechanized fists did not deliver a decisive success to the junta.

"The LPR militia managed to take the Luhansk airport under control, which was recently held by the Ukrainian military.
According to the official announcements, the airport was captured already by the late evening of July 13th, but the information about fighting around it was still arriving during the night of July 14th. Already during the afternoon of July 13th the Ukrainian punitive troops started an offense on the capital of the LPR from three directions at once, including the direction of the airport. However, the advancing group not only was incapable of helping the besieged in the airport, but was itself dissolved. It is noteworthy that the Ukrainian side managed to report about the successful unblocking of the object prior to the end of combat."

* * *

The night in Luhansk was memorable. The enemy fled Roskoshnoye – it left only the 2 damaged tanks (one is definitely a tank, another – a bunch of debris, what was it – unclear) – in the area of the detour road.
The artillery worked twice against the airport – in half past midnight and 3am.
The paratroopers, indeed, tried to help the unblocking forces with a counter strike, many paratroopers from Lvov were mowed down.
Apparently, one attack aircraft (SU-something) was hit over the airport (it managed to flee, but the health clearly went down).
In the area of the villages Zelenopolye – Lyubimoye at night and early morning (about 4am) there was another fight – the Ukrs don't drop attempts of unblocking the surrounded forces.
And the traditional fighting in the area of Krasniy Partizan, Lisichansk (poor Zolotaryovka), and Krasnodon.

* * *

The confirmation is received. The Luhansk airport is under the LPR control. Now there's no wasp nest anymore. We can fully concentrate on the defense.

* * *

EVERYBODY!!! EVERYBODY!!! EVERYBODY!!! Luhansk Speaking!!! The report for 8:30am by Moscow. The city stood! Twice during the night the Luhansk militia successfully repelled the attempts of the Naziguard to break into the city. The attacks were deflected, the enemy was repelled. And tonight the Ukrainian army felt on its skin the whole power of our rocket vehicles "Uragan". I wish everybody a good day and a clear sky above!

Apparrently, the unblocking strike of the junta in the direction of the airport fizzled out and only a part of the infantry of the enemy managed to break out of the circle.

About the Luhansk airport.
For now it is not under control of our militia fighters. But maximal efforts are put to achieve this.
We wish luck to our fighters!

* * *

From Strelkov:
The Luhansk airport still remains in the enemy hands. Moreover, a fresh armor group broke into it. I confirm the information about routing the supply convoy of the enemy yesterday between Marinovka and Kozhevnya (South-East of Snezhnoye, near the Russian border). The enemy losses are being clarified. From us 1 tank, 2 ZU-23-2s, and two reconnaissance and sabotage groups were "working".

The following map shows the approximate meaning of what's happening.

The overall meaning of the upcoming fighting will consist of the militia attempts to cut off this hose, and the junta will try to keep the captured roads under its control, not letting itself to be cut off from the airport.

The militia of the self-proclaimed Luhansk people's republic encircled the Luhansk airport, the control over which was established by the Ukrainian military during yesterday's night, said the city commandant Sergei Grachev. Also, by the words of Mr. Grachev, earlier the militia destroyed one tank of the Ukrainian troops. At this time they are located in about ten kilometers North of Luhansk, near to the village Metallist.
"The militia didn't advance anywhere, they repelled the attacks, stood their ground, occupied their positions. The Ukrainian military are currently standing somewhere near Metallist," – said the commandant of Luhansk, whose words are shown by RIA Novosti.

* * *

-Militia fighters continue to squeeze the Ukrainian paratroopers from the airport territory, hitting their positions with heavy mortars.
-The militia started to destroy the saboteur base near Luhansk.
-The militia fighters in the radar bunker didn't surrender and continue to resist.

By 12am the following picture is shaping – the armor groups of the enemy managed to move to the airport, but they couldn't fully unblock it, after which both sides started to report about their victory, but neither side achieved a decisive success during the battle.

* * *

Information about the offensive. Currently capturing Schastye is impossible.. There are a lot of Ukrs, so the strike group turned back and fortified in the outskirts of Metallist. Apparently, our military by firing with "Grad" destroyed between 2 to 5 checkpoints and burned out Veselaya mountain. So, everything is not so bad. We need reconnaissance first. That is why the command decided to wrap up the unprepared attack. But I can say for sure that Schastye will soon return under the militia control.

* * *

Summary from the front lines of the LPR by the morning of 07/14/2014 according to the data from the Ministry of the Defense of the Republic.

Last night the saboteurs shelled the area that is close to the location of the battalion "Zarya". The militants were driving the army UAZ with the signs of the road police of the LPR.
In the morning, bypassing Zheltoye and forcing the Lugan river, into the area of Alexandrovsk the enemy armor convoy was deployed, which consisted of about 25 tanks, they headed for the Yubileyniy village, fighting began there.
Later the enemy started a dense artillery shelling of Alexandrovsk from the side of Teplichny. During the shelling several multi-storied buildings and a school No. 51 in Yuzhni district suffered.
Presumably this is the group that was discovered Saturday evening in the area of Veselaya mountain. There, the scouts counted a large number of the enemy military vehicles during the night. By the preliminary information more then 60 tanks were noticed and an unknown shrouded vehicle on tracks.
The radar station territory, where the 17 fighters are blocked in the underground command bunker, remains under control of the Kiev armed squads.
Fighting continues on other directions.
At about 4am the enemy subjected the LPR positions in the area of Stanitsa Luhanskaya to massive shelling.
From the side of Kamyshevo an attack was carried out by "Grads" against the height that is occupied by the squad of "Yugoslav".
In the vicinity of Ilyinka the enemy started to cut trees on a scale.
There are 2 versions: either they block approaches to their positions or they are preparing to cross the river.
Ukrainian military remain In the Luhansk international airport, they are blockaded.

Original article: (in Russian)
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